Room Dividers, Privacy Screens, Decorative, Folding, Art Print,

Room Dividers, Privacy Screens, Decorative, Folding, Art Print, Room Dividers, Privacy Screens, Decorative, Folding, Art Print,


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A Room Divider is an attractive and simple way to enhance your home or business space. Stylish and versatile, these carefully hand-made folding room dividers and partitions are a beautiful and functional way to divide space in a room, add a little privacy, cut out glare ,reduce noise in open spaces, or hide that old looking cabinet in the corner. They are flexible and are perfect for making fun design accents. They are sure to become a prominent focal point in any room.

Browse our extensive and beautiful fusion of ancient and modern Japanese design elements, our elegant Chinese ink & water colour brush art divider screens or our amazing collection of printed room dividers. We also have many art nouveau paintings and art prints of impressionists, nature photography and urban landscape on fabric covered room dividers.



Whatever the style of room dividers you are looking for, whether it’s wood and rice paper room divider screens, rattan or bamboo room screens, woven plant fibre folding screens, cotton, polyester fabric or solid wood, we have the perfect room divider for you.

We also stock an extensive selection of commercial room divider screens which are ideal for offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants and almost any internal commercial space you can think of.

We are very proud to say that we are the only company in the UK that ONLY specialises in Room Dividers and nothing else. Not only that but we also have the largest and most diverse range which is why we have built up such a great reputation.



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