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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are means to divide a functional space within a big space. Similarly, there are many ways of room separators are available depending on needs. By partially dividing the room may use half-width or permanent room divider to makeover with shelves and plants. As many types of room separators are available in the market so you must be aware of different type of dividers and choose the best which suits your home. 

Three basic categories of room dividers:

  • Permanent dividers
  • Improvised dividers
  • Flexible dividers

Permanent room separators are similar to half height wall or half width wall. Using this type of room separators you can separate halfway across the flooring or up a wall. The wall which can be decorated later by using stuffs that which suit best for your room or could have cupboards on other side.

Improvised room separators, this could have shelves on one side, decorated with furniture or by using plants to separate spaces. The flexible room divider includes partitions and screens, which are used to separate the side into wall to optimize the space or used for privacy when needed. The purpose of room separators is used to decorate the room innovatively and to divide the unused spaces; you have an option of moving around the divider screen when it’s not necessary.

Many different types of flexible divider screens are available and more popular type is an Asian-inspired screen or Japanese. Flexible screens are made using the thick fabrics with many different patterns of designs, which are used to cover the corners, to change clothes, to hide the things which you don’t like to showcase all the time and to separate a room. These dividers/screens allow sunlight to pass through the screen.

Benefits of using room dividers

Avoid construction and make use of divider screen – instead of damaging the building just for constructing one single wall inside the room and wasting a lot of money on it. At this situation, you can make use of divider screen to separate the room and it's available at very reasonable price to purchase.

Removing the divider screen when it’s not necessary – if you build a wall to separate the room and want to remove it when it’s not necessary at that time you will find difficult to collapse it. Rather than all this divider screen is the best option to use which can be removed easily when it’s not needed.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 19, 2016

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