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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

A room divider is a screen placed in a way used to divide a room into separate spaces. This is designed to divide space into separate distinct areas. Nowadays internal decorators and designers are making use of this divider screen to enhance the elegant beauty of room & make look more clearly appealing. These divider screens used almost everywhere in the house.

Divider screens existence is from many centuries, and the ancient palaces also been decorated elegantly using divider screens. This can be made used indoors in offices, churches and homes for maximum use of space available/ for hiding the not so good fixtures like air cooler units etc. for outdoors near saunas and swimming pools to give privacy with elegant touch.

There are many different kinds of divider screens in market. Which are made using metal, wood glass, fabric etc, non-folding and folding which come up with 2, 3, 4/5 panels. Choosing divider screens depending on their use and tastes, Small apartments like find a folding screen to be handy. A Glass room separator screen doesn't block light which passes through so it can be made used in office.

Room divider screens for living and dining area

Living room- if bedroom is big enough and you’re not making use of much space, and then you can divide your room into separate area / to add privacy. They can be placed against wall or to hide the things which you don’t like to showcase it such as cooling or heater unit. Placing the screen a foot behind the wall then you can make used of that space to keep something behind.

Dining room- In most of the homes and apartments living and dining rooms come with attached. If you don’t want the attachment then you can make use of divider screen to divide the area, by doing this where you can avoid seeing TV while having your food!

At some home living rooms serve as home office- when you’re working from home with things like computers, fax/phone, printer and other electronic essential. Then the place might look messier and the people coming to your home may comment on the stuff all over. So to avoid all these situations make use of divider screen. So that you can work in similar way as you work at office.

Studio apartments- a divider screen is the best product for anyone in a studio place. Not only it offers much-needed privacy also create a touch of decorative to the room.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 21, 2016

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