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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

You know, the Room Dividers can be used in both the way, such as a functional way to divide the spaces in the home or as a part of the decoration. There are so many varieties of Room dividers which can be used based on the individual requirements. For example, if a person would like to divide a room, then he may use either half width which is decorated with the help of the shelves on one side or permanent room divider. You can able to use this room divider in so many ways, but it is very difficult to make the selection, so it is better to have some knowledge about the types of room dividers are to be used in the home.

Most commonly used Room dividers and their Uses

There are 4 types of room dividers which are commonly used in almost all the places, they are:-

  • Office Partition Installations

There are so many varieties of office dividers are available in the market. Most of the people are familiar with the reception and cubicle dividers with counters, but the choices are extended well behind that with varieties of materials, sizes, and shapes. These type room dividers can be utilitarian like a Corkboard or decorative as decorative glass.


  • Sliding Panels or Fixed Folding

Ensure that fixed panels are strong, solid dividers which are mounted to a wall and probably arrange in runners on the ceiling or floor. These kinds of dividers are vitally portable walls offering complete privacy. Fixed folding or sliding room dividers are most probably used in church halls, classrooms or dividing conference. Because it can be extended from ceiling to floor, they are the greatest addition to a bedroom for separate presentations or discussions


  • Portable panels

The portable room dividers are the best option to use in the situations like when you require more privacy for the groups. Ensure that, the portable panels are not decorative one and it works well with the homes, but they are stronger compared to the screens. The main advantage of this panel is it can be transferred easily from one place to another.


  • Screens

These types of partitions are extremely versatile and you can make use of these partitions both in the office and homes. As you all know the screens are freestanding and lightweight, it is easy to install and taken down and moved around.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 28, 2016

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