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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Whether in a home, school, conference or even in the business, some type of situation will arise to create a smaller area, it can be either periodically or temporary purpose, during that time, the room dividers surely help in effective way. Building a new wall is a risky job and it takes lots of time and construction cost is more compared to the room dividers.

Different Varieties of room dividers       

  • Office Partition Installations

This type of partition is almost like the permanent dividers. It mainly used to separate the large space into a small space. If you consider the modern materials, then there are so many choices involving wire or network raceways, sound reduction materials, formal cubicles and bullpen style areas or collaborative work group. If you consider the panels it will come with glass and other kinds of materials that help to add decorative appeal to you. Installation of this type of partition is easy.


  • Portable panels

During these days, you may notice this type of panels in almost all the places like a conference center, hotel, church or school. You know the portable panels roll on the casters and it can be folded like an accordion, it is available in a variety of linear shapes.


Most of them are designed with steel with a vinyl or fabric covering, but you can also find a double-duty panel or wooden panels that include cabinets and shelves. A few room dividers have a cork or whiteboard surface, conducive to displays, meetings, and classes. The main advantage of this divider is it can be easily portable from one place to another.


  • Sliding or Fixed folding Panels

It is similar to a more permanent fixture which is an extraordinary solution for the huge rooms, in case if you want to divide that room. This type of panels is usually mounted to a wall and it may also fix into runners on the ceiling or on the floor. The panels, then fold or slide out into place. These types of panels are a great addition to the banquet halls, classrooms and other areas where you don't want much flexibility. This is because they can be extended completely from ceiling to floor; they offer a good sound barrier. This type of installation usually needs a professional.

Whether you are a church needing to separate a form for the Sunday school, a school needing you wants to divide classrooms, and then you can purchase the above kinds of room dividers which are ideal for your situation or your needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 02, 2016

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