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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you have a large room in the home or you have rented a large venue for the function, the main problem is you require to have these large rooms must be divided into various small rooms. There are so many types of room dividers are available for you in the market, it can be either for privacy or for the decorative purpose.

How to design your own Room dividers?

You can use so many materials in order to create your own room dividers. Both doors and panels are nailed together to design a fast partition which does heavy dividing duty. You can also use the rows of tall vases or plants if the privacy is not concerned. But, it needs not to be complicated. You can easily make your own divider by using the drapes or fabric.

Materials required to create room dividers:-

You require only little material to carry out this project. First, you need a large piece of fabric. Ensure that, the fabric must be of the same length as the opening you would like to block off. You have to search for large fabric in the fabric outlets or buy drapes for smaller areas. Ensure that, you can able to recycle the drapes which already exist in your home. Another important thing you need is a curtain rod. If you didn’t find the one which is about the same length as a wall, then you have to buy the tension rod and then adjust the length by yourself. You also require hooks and a sharp object to make the holes in the fabric.

Start the process by cutting the fabric slightly longer compare to the size of the opening which needs to close off. The extra space is essential if you want to complete the privacy because it permits for a few overlap when the shades are closed or else you will end up with the small opening which someone might be trying to look through. If the privacy is a big concern, then you have to use double layers. After you have to take the measurement of the wall and then divide it by the number of hooks that you have. It will give an idea that how far you have to place the holes for the hooks. Pierce the holes into the fabric correctly, and then attach the hooks. At last, attach the curtain to the rod and hang the rod between the walls.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 04, 2016

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