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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Dividing a room can improve its efficiency, provide the illusion of distinctly separate areas or simply increase its visual appeal. Whatever the case, there are a variety of dividers to accommodate your budget, decorating style, needs and personal preferences.

There many different dividers which are available in the market: glass divider, panel divider, hanging divider and bedroom separators. These are which not only used for decorative purpose, but can make use of these dividers to add privacy, and to add more extra space into your area.

How to design with room dividers

  • Headboards

Headboards are budget friendly that which can easily replace whenever you want to make some changes in your decoration. It's a free-standing wall, placed behind your bed which adds more texture and color to your room. You can alter the width of the headboard by folding the panels slightly to a required width. You can expand panels to its utmost width, so they become completely flat.

  • Studio apartments

Normally this studio apartment is designed as the open room which is used for dining, sleeping and living; this open space can be separated using the room dividers. It can be separated using a free standing wall piece of furniture, as an enclosed shelving unit. This open shelving unit offers display and the storage space, and it is enclosed and airy feel shelves. Not only by using these shelves you divide the space you can also have a sheer screen, glass divider or drapery divider.

  • Dividers for kid’s rooms

Kids need privacy, but a shared bedroom makes this difficult. Not to worry much about it, whereas this bedroom separator can help to separate a single bedroom into more private areas. You can install dividers to fit your kids' relating to space needs, as well as accommodate the available floor space. With a little design creativity and by doing the work yourself, you can make innovative room separators that are also easy on your wallet.

  • Other plans

Perfect portable and a clear bedroom divider can be used in front of windows to add more privacy, and allowing the sufficient light to spread into your bedroom. While using the mirrored dividers you can place the light lamp in front it to add a decorative effect and this which creates the visual fantasy of large area with a special sparkly effect.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 08, 2016

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