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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

There are several ways in which you can utilise room dividers in your home. Even in modern homes, you can find room dividers in use. More often than not, people use dividers with large open plans so that they can achieve a clean, uncluttered look despite the limited space. It is used to separate the kitchen area from the storage area.


You can use a room divider to break up a bigger room into two or more areas. The divider can also be used as an interior design element. The tips below can help you decide on the right room divider and how to use it to enhance your living room or separate areas of your home.


Size of Room Dividers


Room dividers often have three to four panels that are at least a foot wide. There are also narrower and shorter room dividers on the market that are suitable for small rooms. Before buying one from a Room Dividers UK, make sure that you have the dimensions of the room where you want to place the item. You should measure the height as well to ensure that you get the right sized divider.


If you don’t want to separate the room into two areas, then don’t buy a divider that’s too wide or tall. A short and narrow divider can add more colours to the room and serve as a décor to the living room, and at the same time serves its purpose of defining an area.


Colour and Material of Room Dividers


There are lots of room dividers on the market today, and they come in different colours and materials. They can be made of fabric, metal, wood, or the combination of all three materials. When it comes to choosing the best divider, you should consider the present décor, colour, and design of the room, as well as the furniture in it.


If the furniture is light or dark, using a divider that is of the opposite tone will make it seem out of place. But that doesn’t mean that you buy a wood divider because you have wood furniture in the room. A metal or fabric can add dimension and colour to the room. It is recommended not getting a too colourful divider because it can overwhelm the space.


Placement of Room Dividers


One of the important factors you need to consider when buying room divider is to know where you will place it. That means knowing the dimensions of the room. You should think out of the box. When you place it against a wall, it will put more colours to the room, but will not be eye-catching. By placing it in an angle then you draw more attention to it.


Room dividers are versatile pieces that can be used to decorate any room of your home. They are typically foldable and thin that allows you to place them in different areas of the house without clashing with the other decors. And for high-quality dividers, visit Room Dividers UK. You can definitely find the right one that will fit into your home.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 11, 2016

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