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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are great if you want to divide an area in your room or office. It’s a great way to give some privacy in another area while having some decorative design. When you’re looking to buy some dividers, then you should understand that there are a lot of styles and designs.


If you’re considering buying your own room dividers, then here are some styles that you’ll see in the market and how they differ from each other. You’ll also get to understand the different advantages of each style.


Japanese Style Shoji Screen Room Dividers


This will let more sunshine in to the other area because of its rice paper shade. It’s very light-weight, inexpensive and portable. It can either be painted wood frames for the cheapest kind, fine wood stained finished for more design and unique/classic lattice designs which are the most popular which gives unique variations.


Rattan Style Woven Plant Fibre Room Dividers


This is popular because it’s both sturdy and lightweight, plus it comes it a low price. It can be dyed to difference vibrant colours which give more texture to the rattan panels. It can effectively block any light coming from the other room and is very durable. Room Dividers UK will give you a lot of variety when you’re looking rattan style dividers at a different price range and designs to fit your preferences.


Wooden Shutter Style Room Dividers


It gives a more substantial feel and look to its surroundings because created with solid wood. It’s the best choice for professional office room dividers because it can add to the integral look of an office like counselling departments. Users can also choose an adjustable divider that can open or block any sunlight from the other area.


Printed Canvas Room Dividers


It’s more on lightweight cotton canvas on wooden frames which are designed in many different unique photo and art print images. These are portable, lightweight and sturdy to be used almost anywhere. The designs can vary from ink jet printing, European and Asian art prints, architecture, skyline, wildlife and nature photography, wall paper print and even DIY artist canvasses. Room Dividers UK is famous for their wide variety of choices for people who are looking for great designed dividers.


Faux Leather Room Dividers


These dividers are considered as textured high-quality vinyl that can complement both eclectic and formal designs. It can be either completely opaque and substantial and solid ones which can offer complete privacy.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 17, 2016

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