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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Aside from simply dividing rooms, using room dividers can also refresh the look of a space. Dividers can serve as pieces of art or even add texture to the room. And best of all, you can make room dividers out of anything, from a bookcase to drapes. Not only will they serve several functions, but they are also aesthetically beautiful. Below are some ideas to help you create your own room dividers.


Old Doors as Room Dividers


You can create room dividers out of old doors that you can find at flea markets, dumpsters, garage sales, and salvage yards. In order to bring the beauty out of the old doors, you need to do a little sanding and apply some paint. Then hinge them together and you will have a classy room divider. You can also mix different styles to have more interest.


Shipping Pallets


Shipping pallets have been used for various things, and it comes to no surprise that they can also be used as room dividers. And just like old doors, there are some prepping that needed to be done that include sanding them down, and hinging them together. Shipping pallets make good permanent room partitions because they provide privacy and at the same time allow air and light to pass through them.




Window treatments such as curtains are designed to keep people from peeking into your apartment or home. With that in mind, you can also hang your curtains for indoor privacy. All you need to do is to suspend a curtain rod or pole from the ceiling. Then get some hooks or rings to hang drapery panels to divide your room. The best thing about curtains as partitions is that you can easily open or close them when needed.




If you liked the idea of using old doors as room dividers, then you might also like using old windows as partitions as well. You can create a room divider using mismatched designed or even different sized units. And if you want some privacy, then you can use a drape just like an ordinary window.




One of the simplest room dividers that you can make is a bookshelf. The key to creating your desired design is to know where to place it, how to arrange it, and whether you want to finish the back. The best thing about a bookshelf is that it is ready to assemble when shipped.


These are just some of the room dividers ideas that you can use for your own home. They can be used to configure the available space, and create designated areas that can be used based on your needs. However, if you want traditional room dividers, you can find a good one from Room Dividers UK.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 21, 2016

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