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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are used in order to separate one room into two or few sections in order to utilise the space more effectively. This can be done by a screen or sometimes with high furniture, but there are elaborate, and fancy room dividers made especially for that particular reason. Using beautifully decorated room dividers has been practiced by Chinese people for over centuries, and they have created unique folding separates which does not only become useful in dividing the space, but also adding colour and glamour to a room. Room dividers come in a few different shapes and sizes according to the requirement and where you use them. For an example, they are used as decorated screen in a house while in an office they are mostly sliding partitions.


Types of Room Dividers


The most basic way of using a room divider is creating separate spaces within one large room to use it more productively, and sometimes to add more privacy to a certain place. For an example, in a medical Clinique, they use a room divider to separate the table where the doctor checks the patient in order to give the patient more prices. If it is in a house, sometimes a living room can also be used as a dining room with just a small addition of room divider screen.


The second type of room dividers are used mainly for decorative purposes. They add boldness, colour, and character to an interior space. These dividers are usually more expensive than others since they are made in expensive materials and come in a variety of designs. If there is an unattractive section in a house which the owners would like to hide from the visitors, room dividers are also used for that purpose, with the same concept applying to covering the places which someone needs to give a little privacy. With a little bit of imagination, there are many uses you can get from simple room divider.


Uses of Room Dividers


Other than merely using as a way to separate a large space in a house, there are a lot of other uses for room dividers. Restaurants use especially made room dividers as wine shelves since they can get two uses out of one by doing so. Most of the offices build custom sliding partitions in order to separate sections or departments. While some places may not use permanent room dividers, there are many instances where they are used temporarily such as in exhibitions and convention halls.


If it is needed to use the same room divider in several places, they can be bought with wheels for easier portability, and they also come in different heights to meet your requirement.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 22, 2016

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