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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers not only open up a space to create a new and separate area, but they are also a form of decoration. There are many different types of dividers available on the market. The type of divider you want to use will depend on the style and design you are going for.


As an example, if you are looking to separate a room and create a new area in your home, you can use flexible room dividers such as a panel design to open up and create a new space. Or for a space saving solution, you may choose to use a book shelf instead.


With so many different ways you can use room dividers in your home, it can be tricky to determine how to use them and which types you should choose.


Categories of Room Dividers


There are three different types of room dividers available. These types include flexible, permanent and improvised. Permanent fixtures can be something similar to a smaller wall or bookshelf that allows for additional storage space.


Improvised room dividers can be a couch or other larger piece of furniture. You can even use plants as an improvised solution to dividing any space.


Flexible room dividers are ones that include partitions, panels or even screens. These can slide into a space when needed and fold up when you want them out of the way. One of the most common types of flexible room dividers is that of the Japanese inspired design. These screens are made from a quality, thicker fabric that is adorned with a variety of designs and shapes. They can be used to create a unique reading nook in your home, to separate your room, or to give you changing space in private. They also allow light to be absorbed through them to provide you with even more room opening solutions like light.


Why Use Room Dividers


Room dividers are a great, budget-friendly option to opening up any room. When you live in a small living space, it can be difficult to make it unique and feel like home. Without the option of many different rooms, you never have one place to call your own. However, with the use of room dividers, you now will have the ability to open your space, create your own rooms and give the illusion that you do.




Using something simple like room dividers you can provide your home with a unique décor theme or design. Additionally, if you are searching for a way to create a larger area in your home from the space you have available, room dividers will allow you to do this and create a separate area in your home.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 29, 2016

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