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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you have a smaller space and feel like there is just not enough room, you may be surprised on what room dividers can do to your space. Using a set of dividers can create some additional, more personal rooms in smaller spaces. They are a great way to create more rooms in a one room studio apartment, or to just create an office where you can go to work.


Types of Room Dividers Available


Room dividers come in a variety of types from permanent to flexible and even improvised. The style you end up selecting and using in your home will depend on what you are looking for.


Permanent Room Dividers


There are some dividers that can be a half height size or even a wall. These types of room dividers can be a permanent fixture in the room. Walls like this will extend only half way across the entire length of the room, and only be about half of the height of the original wall.


Permanent room dividers in the UK should only be installed if you are not looking to change the arrangement in your home. This is because of their permanent nature. If you are looking to change the arrangement or do not own your home, you may consider a different type of divider.


Flexible Room Dividers


Screens or panel style dividers are a common choice among those who like to arrange their room freely. They can be constructed from a variety of materials to allow you to move or fold them into the exact position that you are looking for. Such screens may be made of paper or bamboo and provide you with an Asian style décor or theme, which may match the one currently in your home.


Another flexible option of dividers is that of curtains. They are super simple to install and put in place. You just need to install, curtain rods on the ceiling. When they are installed properly, you can close them to separate your space.


Another feature and benefit of using panels and screen room dividers are that they allow you to control the light which comes into the side of your new space. If you want it open and light, you can do so. Or if you’d like to limit the amount of light coming into the space, you can do this as well.




When you feel like you need to add a personal space to your home, you may want the help of room dividers in UK to help. With a variety of options, colours, and materials to choose from, you are sure to find a style that fits your unique personality and needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 04, 2016

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