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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers, as the name suggests, are used to divide space in an open space within a room more effectively or as a decoration. Dividers are very useful in organising large spaces as well as small ones. With room dividers, a single room can be used for different purposes and at the same time maintaining privacy. Room dividers UK are also used to increase storage areas or hide clutter, directing movement in the room and to add cosiness and colour.

Room Dividers

What To Consider When Organising Or Dividing Space In A Room?

You should, first of all, decide on the flexibility of your room divider. Will it be fixed or flexible? The usage of the partitioned space may largely dictate the type of dividers to be used. If the partitioned space will be used for a long time, then, a fixed room divider could be better than a flexible divider.

Before you install room dividers, it is important to make a plan of the room you wish to divide. Then make actual measurements and consider the entrance space.

It is good to consider the passage of light before installing room dividers. This is because they can block light in an otherwise bright room. You can decide to use transparent room dividers, which will not block light. In this case room dividers like frosted glass, perforated metals and light fabrics can be used.

Room dividers have gained popularity as interior decor pieces. In large spaces, they may be used to serve both purposes to bring out the theme colours of the rooms.

Another thing that you must consider before partitioning space is the sound absorbency of the room dividers. It is important to confine sounds in the partitioned rooms especially if they are for private use.

Uses of Room Dividers UK

They are mostly used in residential houses to effectively create more functionality of the space available, decoration purposes and adding privacy among others. Some of the mostly used room dividers in residential houses are Shoji Screens, Light Fixtures, Plants, and Drapes.

Institutions like schools may use room dividers to create temporary classrooms hence creating more functionality in a large open space. Portable room dividers UK are the most ideal as they can be moved after the function and can be used later for the same purpose. Floor to ceiling room dividers are common in hotels and restaurants. Though portable room dividers UK are ideal for this setting, fixed room dividers can be used as well.

Office partitioning using room dividers UK is also common. Due to the private nature of office work, permanent dividers will be the most ideal.

Types of Room Dividers

Built in screens are permanent room dividers that are fixed to the ceiling, floor and wall, and they slide out on railings. They include Folding Panel Doors, Sliding Doors and Folding Louvered Doors among others.

Free-standing screens, on the other hand, stand on small legs or panels. They include Shoji screens, Canvas Pocket Screens and Gathered Fabric Screens among others.

Curtain dividers are used to create decorative room dividers especially if they are beaded. They, however, do not provide privacy and their sound absorbency is poor.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 08, 2015

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