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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Dividing living spaces provides different partitions that are meant to be functional. Although it is common for people to want to divide up large open spaces in a bid to create smaller and more personal spaces, it is important to note that small spaces also require partitioning. Room dividers are actually the best means of partitioning smaller space as they are usually compact and will take up less space as compared to using walls. When choosing room dividers for small spaces it is best to use room dividers that serve a number of uses for efficiency purposes; remember that space is a major concern here.

With many city residents living in small apartments, room divider ideas for small spaces are a great way of getting more from the limited space.

Room Divider Headboards

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes. For people living in studio apartments, a headboard room divider is a great idea as most beds already come with head boards. Even though the room divider will need to be higher than a regular headboard it will occupy the same footprint as a regular headboard and will, therefore, provide for the most efficient use of space. The headboard can include useful shelves on one side so as to maximise its use.

A Stack of Shelves

With space being limited in small apartments, storage space is that much harder to come by. Room dividers made of stacked shelves not only accomplish the task of separating spaces and rooms but also offers much needed storage space. The best thing about stacked shelves is that they come in a variety of designs and colours to fit your home’s décor as well as your own preferences.

Wall Paper or Paint

It might sound strange but wallpaper or paint can also be used to divide spaces and create clear distinctions. By using different coloured paint or wallpaper, you can be able to achieve the intended space demarcation even without the use of any physical room dividers.

Thin Walls

The use of thin walls is a great way to partition spaces in a small apartment without taking up too much space. Thin walls can be made of mirrors; they provide an impressive visual appearance that is bound to complement any room’s interior décor. These room dividers are great in creating a contemporary feel around the house.

As you can see from the above examples, room dividers UK come in a variety designs and forms. These options create workable alternatives to regular room dividers and make for some interesting effects as well. For those living in a tiny house, you can choose any one of these ideas and implement them with great effect.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 06, 2015

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