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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Some homeowners don’t like an open floor plan. They like rooms to be well-defined. Good thing there are room dividers that can help them redecorate their home and divide the open space into specific areas. Homeowners just need to do a little research in order to introduce function and order in a beautiful and classy manner. Below are some examples on how to use room dividers to decorate your home.

Break Up Areas but Keep an Open Feel

You can use room dividers to break up the large area of a room. The dividers help define an area without blocking the area completely. The dividers can be anchored to the floor and ceiling, built in, or standing on their own. Room Dividers UK has a wide range of designs to choose from, and you can find one that fits the scheme of the room. For modern rooms, columns with angular lines are recommended. Another suggestion is to use a half wall between two columns. Then top the half wall with marble or granite.

Room Dividers with Windows

If you find traditional room dividers to be boring, then use one that has windows. Or you can buy old wood framed windows and refurbish them in whatever stain or colour that fits the decoration of the room. Dark stains make the room more inviting while lighter paints give the room a crisp look. Room dividers with slots allow light to go through, and at the same time defines a specific area.

Use Barrier Island to Separate Kitchen from Dining Area

There are times when defining the boundary of the kitchen and dining area of the home is difficult to do. You can divide a large kitchen into cooking and eating areas with the use of Barrier Island, which is a large island that directs the flow of traffic around the cooking area and the seating area. More often than not, there are barstools on one side of the island that people can use to sit and chat with the person doing the cooking for the family. Islands are often made of wood, but other materials can be used for the island’s top. Some of the common materials include granite, limestone, marble, tile, stainless steel, and butcher block.

Use Folding Screens for Temporary Room Dividers

One of the traditional room dividers is folding screens. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles. They can be modified to fit with existing décor of the room. This is also a popular project for DIY people. But if you don’t have the time make folding screens, you can buy them from Room Dividers UK. They have models made from different materials and styles, from oriental paper screens to modern ones.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 21, 2015

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