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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

What a better way to enhance your home décor than employing the use of a room divider. It brings out colour, flair and versatility in a home (and even in a business place). Not to mention beauty. Room dividers never go out of style. They’ll always be people in dire need of hiding that old cabinet in the corner, reduce noise in open spaces, add a little privacy, or divide space in a room.

If you’re looking to create a prominent focal point in any room of your home or office, opt for the classy room divider with fun design accents – and there are lots of those around at Room Dividers UK based company that deals with everything room screens. Here are some of the finest, in-style designs to relish. Take your pick!

#1: Cream Hand Made Wicker Room Divider Screen – (6-Panel)

Gorgeous is such an understatement. This room divider screen is a stunner. It’s a six panel room divider that looks edible from a far. This is what you exactly need to separate space within your home or the office (much emphasis on the former). It sure will give any room an edge. It’s also lightweight and easy to fold away, and store – perhaps even easier to put up and take down.

#2: Entwine Black Colour Room Divider Screen – (6-Panel)

Black is the new orange, and so are the Entwine black-coloured room dividers. Nothing beats a well hand crafted room divider such as this. It’s the perfect item for décor for any household. In need of some privacy, or space for changing? This room divider screen from Room Dividers UK is your best bet. It’s foldable and lightweight making it easier to move it around the room.

#3: Fuji Room Divider Screen – Natural (4-Panel)

With a height of 180cm and width of 44cm per panel, the Fuji room divider screen is a beauty. It comes with two-way (brass) hinges meaning it’s foldable from either side/direction. What’s so unique about Fuji screen (and from the above-mentioned room dividers), its inner panels are made from sturdy reinforced rice paper. It comes across as more decorative a piece.

#4: Cherry Tree Shoji Screen – (5-Panel)

It’s strong, has a solid wood base panel, and it’s easy on the eye. Cherry Tree Shoji room divider looks more a tree with real cherries on it. It comes across as a standalone decorative piece than a room screen or both. Like Fuji screen, its inner 5 panels are also made from strong reinforced rice paper. It’s relatively ideal in a spacious room or office space as a privacy screen.

At Room Dividers UK, there’s something for everyone. So stretch your coin and go shopping in perhaps one of the largest dealers of room dividers in the small of UK. You’re sure to get a free delivery to mainland UK when you make a purchase.

Written by Lisa Williams — October 21, 2015

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