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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers have made their way back to the living space of in many places across the country with a loud resurgence with interior décor professionals. The personalised accents across many homes notwithstanding, room dividers provide a perfect blend that every homeowner is giving consideration to in their design template.

Dark Rooms

Room dividers are perfect in enhancing your living space and as visual demarcation of large rooms into separate sections with exciting appeal. Any small and dark room with no hanging wall plates or painting can be well-accented with any brightly-coloured room divider in a corner. Any dark bedroom will be unarguably brightened up with room dividers just as they can be privacy tools if you need a change of clothing. This fits well for a busy living space with fewer space options.

Bright Rooms

In a large room that is airy and well-lit, room dividers still provide a fitting blend with any colour you choose except that the contrasting effect of a bright screen in a dark room will be absent. This ambience effect should make a dark hue better choice for well-lit rooms and if you can afford it, antique-styled room dividers can be a definitive statement.


For homeowners with DIY streak, buying any cheap model can provide a room to get inventive. In this wise, you can choose a painting you feel matches your design idea and enjoy the personalisation that comes with it. If this is not your edge, you can arrange for the dealer to effect the colour change to meet your expectations.


Elsewhere around the house, room dividers also find a platform where their unique features can be highlighted. Hallways and other pathways in the kitchen or bathroom will take on a different hue with room dividers taking up some space.

When choosing a design, you need to look out for low traffic spots to have it hoisted otherwise; regular battering and knocking will soon make it unattractive and dour.

Other Tips on Room Dividers

• Smaller rooms present a challenge when thinking of fitting in room dividers into your living space. Chinese designs with pale colours can fit along a side of the wall as a mural and yet be imposing as a class work of art and elegance.
• Another thought that works out if space is a constraint is to have room dividers hang on the wall and this can be a real unique style that will make your room cosy like a breath of fresh air.
• Never be too shy to explore new designs on room dividers UK websites or ask for an interior décor specialist’s input when looking at breathing some life into your living space with new designs.

Written by Lisa Williams — December 18, 2015

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