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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Designing your home using Asian-inspired furniture can introduce harmony and elegance on your life. The unique blend of accessories and interesting mix of colours will add glamour to your room. It is the perfect piece that will make your interior stand out. One way of incorporating this style to your home is through Oriental room dividers. The first thing you need to do is to observer the prominent style of your house. This will help you in choosing the right screen divider that will complement the other elements in your home. In case you want something simple, the shoji screen divider would be great for you, Rattan dividers exudes manliness you can also choose painted Asian dividers if you want to achieve a zen-like atmosphere.

 4 Panel Room Divider

How to Use the Asian Room Dividers for Decorations

After you successfully choose the right oriental room divider, the next thing to do is to choose the proper placement. An elegant divider can virtually add life into any space. Here are some of our suggestions.


Use it As a Focal Point

Place your oriental room divider against the wall to use this as a focal point. It will work perfectly if you have an extended wall that you want to break up. In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the divider, you may also add decorations in front of the divider such as potted plants. You may also transform this in a conversational area by adding chairs on the divider.


Dividing a Room

If you have a large room that you want to be more functional, you can place the oriental room dividers to divide the areas. You can use it to create partition on your kid’s room or if you want to separate the dining and living area. You will not only transform the large space into something more functional, but you will also do it in a glamorous fashion.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Place it at the Corner

If you notice that the corner of your room is somehow bland, you may put a life into your room by folding the oriental room divider in that corner. This will provide a great look into a plain room and will make it more interesting. In addition, you can also use the space on the back of the divider to hide the unsightly elements in your house.


Bedroom Decoration

In case you are decorating your bedroom and you are looking for an elegant headboard, the oriental room dividers can be used as one. Instead of folding it, use it in a flat manner and just slide it behind your bed. This will definitely create a unique appearance on your bedroom and will make it an interesting place to rest.


Introducing room dividers into a room can transform it into a more functional space and will make it more elegant. The Oriental dividers are designed to put a spice in to your space. There are available in wide range of styles and colours that will suit your preference and needs.


3 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — June 29, 2017

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