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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

The size of the room divider plays an important factor in its efficiency and usability.  When buying a screen divider, it is important to take the accurate measurement of its length and height.  In the event that you purchase a divider that is too large for your space then it will look bulky and it will take the entire space of the room.  The height of the dividers can range from 4ft-8ft which can be suitable for different functions.  The lengths, on the other hand, can start from 6 feet and extend up to 24 feet depending on your needs.

  4 Panel White Room Divider

Guide on the Different Size of the Room Dividers

Choosing the right configuration, number and size for your room dividers may sound a bit overwhelming, but we will make it a lot easier for you.  When contacting a reliable supplier of screen divider, you only need to tell them your purpose of buying the divider and they can recommend an array of divider, that would address your condition.

 Oriental Room divider screens - 4 panel

The Purpose of the Room Divider

Finding the right size of the room divider would depend upon its purpose.  For instance, if you are looking for a divider that will significantly decrease the noise and give you privacy, the screen divider that extends from ceiling to floor would be the perfect choice.  For places like library where they just need to divide the reading area, a small decorative divider will be sufficient.    Shorter types of dividers are ideal for dividing spaces that does not require any privacy.  It is also recommended for dividing spaces that requires an ambient light and ample vision.  In case you are using it to create an angle at the corner of your room for decorative purposes, the divider that is around 6-7 feet will suffice.

 6 Panel Wicker Room Divider Screen

The Space

Your space will basically determine the length of your room divider.  When you have a small room, there are small screen dividers that will not take a considerable amount of space.  For those with a restricted space, be sure to purchase the divider with minimum length.  In case you are not sure about the measurement of your space, you may choose a divider that comes with hinges which allows you to widen or shorten your screen divider.

 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider


For individuals who have no idea on how to choose their room dividers, you may consult the manufacturer, and they can guide you in choosing the right size of divider based on your needs.  They can also personalise the design and layout of your divider especially if the room is constructed in a unique manner.  Most of them have a background on building trade and architecture that allows them to understand the best way to use the space.

 White 3 panel room screen

There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to room dividers.  Perhaps you have special needs due to your goal or due to the design of your house.  Make sure that you are choosing the size of the screen divider that is based on your unique specifications and needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 21, 2017

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