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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Studio apartments can be a great option for people who are starting out, or living on their own. However, there are a lot of common mistakes that people make when decorating their studio apartments. Room dividers from Room Dividers UK can fix many of these problems in just a few seconds. Here is the most common studio apartment decorating mistakes that you can fix with room dividers.


  1. Treating the Apartment as One Room


Since a studio apartment is normally smaller, it can be tempting to treat the room as one large room. However, doing this can make the space feel overwhelming and tiny at the same time. Adding room dividers allows you to break the space up into areas that have purpose. Think about all the activities that you do in your house, and then break the space up into smaller areas that work for that activity.


  1. Hidden the Clutter


We have clutter, but it does not need to be on display all the time. Room dividers can be used to hide the clutter while creating the much-needed storage space that many apartments lack.


  1. Avoiding Pattern


Many people avoid adding patterns to a small room because they think that it makes a room feel smaller. The truth is that patterns can make a room feel much larger, and can add much-needed colour and texture to the room. If you are not sure if you want a lot of pattern in a room, room dividers are not a permanent way of adding colour and texture to the room. You can also switch out room dividers if you like to change your room décor often.


  1. Leaving the Bed in the Open


One of the most common mistakes that people make in studio apartments is leaving the bed in the open. Most visitors do not want to see your bed and the bed most likely looks very out of place in the middle of the room. Room dividers can hide your bed, or at least help make it look like you have a separate sleeping area.


  1. Buying the Wrong Pieces of Furniture


Buying furniture is already a challenge, but the smaller space of a studio apartment means you have to be careful with each piece, and the layout. Room dividers come in various colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes. There are also some dividers that double as storage, so think about your needs, and buy the option that best fits them.


Many people make the same mistakes when decorating small spaces. Room dividers are a great option for any small space, especially a studio apartment. Room Dividers UK has a design for every room of the house.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 23, 2017

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