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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are the new trend when it comes to houses and interiors. They can be used to alter the architecture or design of the room without having to make any major changes. Sometimes they are used for decoration and not because of their functionality. Whatever the case, these additions transform a room for the benefit of the user. How then do you use a divider in a room?

 4 Panel Folding Screen

Creating Privacy Using a Room Divider

Have you ever looked at a room that had some awkwardly placed spaces? You might find a bathroom that opens up into the living room. While this may be convenient for guests to use, it can rob someone of their privacy. They walk from the bathroom and straight into a room full of guests. You can use a screen divider, also known as a shoji screen to make a miniature room outside the bathroom door. This will provide the guests with ample time to compose themselves before walking into the room. The great thing about these room dividers is that they are foldable. When the bathroom is not in use, you can store the shoji screen and lock the door to make the space more open.

 6 Panel Room Screen

Creating Intimacy Using Room Dividers

Some people like enclosed sleeping areas. Having an open plan apartment can, therefore, be disadvantageous. In such a case, a room divider would come in handy. You can use semi permanent dividers such as blinds that are attached to railings and can slide to enclose or open the space. You can also use the same for decoration. Since there are no walls separating the different living areas in your big space, you can choose a divider that also has a pattern. That way, the divider also acts as a temporary wall that has art.


Using a Room Divider as the Focal Point

Room dividers are not good for decoration and separation of rooms only. When used in the right way, they can act as focal points for a room. This helps to make decorating much easier. For example, you can choose a wooden shelf to act as the partition between the cooking area and the living room. If the shelf is low enough, you can also use it as a television stand. It acts as the focal point of the room by drawing your attention to it. Other dividers such as makeshift fireplaces also have the same effect.

 Wicker 6 Panel Room Divider

At the end of the day, a room divider performs the function that you want it to. Once you have an idea in mind, you can use the information to find out more about the room dividers that are available in the market. This will help to prevent impulse buying as you get to see what is available and if the dividers tie in with your vision. Whether they are for decorative or just functional purposes, there is something for everybody. These dividers are affordable and can be used for a long period of time and in different rooms depending on whether they are fixed or temporary.

Written by Enam Hasan — May 09, 2017

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