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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are available in a huge selection of design, styles and kinds.  You may choose from the generic screen dividers from the intricately design Oriental room Dividers UK.  Screen dividers are not just a way to create a partition, others are using it to create an edge to a room, create privacy or use it as a backdrop in their wall depending on the design.  One perfect room divider that is promising to fulfil all those functions would be the Rajasthan.


Rajasthan Room Dividers Features


One look at Rajasthan Room dividers and you know that there is so much time and effort put into it.  The design of every frame is very unique and intricate.  The Rajasthan is hand crafted which adds appeal to the consumers.  It measures at around 72x80 inches and has a thickness of 0.75 inches.  The average price of the Rajasthan is around £190 which is around the average price of a customary room dividers UK.  The frame of this screen divider is made up of mango wood and the panels are handcrafted and carved using a fibre wood.  This product is beautifully carved which will be a perfect backdrop of the room in case you want to use it that way.


However, compared to the other room dividers that are available in up to 6 panels, the Rajasthan Room dividers UK is only available in 3-4 panels, which is one of the downside of this room divider.  Using it to divide an extensive room may be a problem.  It is only available in an antique brown tone so there might be a problem if your house is more on the contemporary design.  The Rajasthan is also quite heavier compared to the other portable room dividers.  But do not worry since there is a reinforcement that comes with the packaging that will prevent it from collapsing.


In terms of privacy, the Rajasthan room dividers UK are not opaque, and you can see through the other side with minimal visibility unless you will intentionally peep.  It lets a small portion of the light to pass through which is a perfect room divider for the kids; you also do not have to worry about the circulation of heat and air, thanks to the small holes in the frames that comes with the design.

Rajasthan Room Dividers Verdict


All in all, on the off chance that you are searching screen dividers that can add glamour and elegance into your house, this Rajasthan will definitely suit you.  You may run your palm through the edges, and you will never feel any rough part.  The mango wood and the fibre wood added to the durability of the product which enhances its longevity compared to similar portable room dividers UK.  This is one of the best folding room dividers that we will surely recommend.


Written by Lisa Williams — June 21, 2016

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