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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers UK is an excellent solution for defining different areas in your home, especially for open floor layouts. While there are different kinds of varieties for room dividers, one of the most flexible ones are the portable variety. Let us look at how you can use portable dividers to transform your space.


Importance of Room Dividers


As more homes today are coming with the open plan design, many homeowners are struggling to clearly demarcate their living areas. As making permanent separations in room layout by adding walls is usually cumbersome and expensive, the easier and much cheaper option is through using portable room dividers UK. With the portable dividers, homeowners can regularly change the layout of their home easily and still benefit from appealing interior décor.


Portable Room Dividers UK


Panels – The portable dividers that come with panels is the most common choice in the room dividers UK market. Consisting of anywhere between three and six panels, these dividers have hinges that can be easily folded. The materials used for these dividers usually include paper panels or lightweight canvas fabrics with beautiful designs.


Bamboo – Yet another attractive and stylish option when considering room dividers that are portable is the bamboo variety. Bamboo is quite popular is most used by the discerning homeowner who wants a more modern interior décor. They are also very durable and lightweight.


Metallic – Made from lightweight wrought iron, metallic portable dividers are great when placed in your dining room or outside on the porch. You can find modern or rustic room dividers available, and you can choose one depending on the exact style of your home or the effect you want to create.

Ways of Using Portable Room Dividers UK


Partition a room – An obvious way of using any room dividers is for partitioning a room. You can, therefore, use these portable varieties to partition your kitchen, dining or living room area. Since the main reason here is not privacy, consider using light fabric panels to allow lighting to filter through and give your space a modern, chic look.


Camouflage clutter – A functional application of portable room dividers UK is for concealing clutter. When you get unexpected guests at your home, you can simply pick up all your clutter and place it behind a portable divider in one part of the room. Choose a divider that has opaque panels, such as bamboo, when hiding clutter.


Enhancing the look of a room – Choose room dividers UK that have a subtle curved design or any other dramatic design features to help enhance the look of your room.


As shown above, room dividers have important useful and aesthetic benefits. Ensure you choose one that matches your style for a more cohesive look.

Written by Lisa Williams — October 04, 2016

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