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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Many people are now using room dividers for their decoration at home. Some are using these dividers to create partitions within an open plan space in order to give it more structure. For others, these room dividers are used in offices, meetings, fairs and workshops in order to create a certain structure that allows for the attendees or workers to have defined spaces. Before you embark on buying a room divider, you need to consider some things to memory. These are the tips that will help you buy the perfect divider for your space and use:

 4 Panel Folding Screen

Is It Fixed or Moveable?

Some room dividers are fixed in place so that they are semi-permanent. For instance, in offices, there are room dividers that are similar to window blinds. The fixture is placed across the room, and each of the dividers is fixed into place. You can then use a string to draw the dividers or open them up. This turns an open floor office into cubicles during work hours and into an open meeting room for office meetings. The same office can opt for screen room dividers that are supported by frames and can be folded out of place for such meetings. It all depends on your desire for convenience and preference as well.

 Fixed Room Divider

The Type of Frame

For the frame, you definitely need some low and wide frames for support. These frames ensure that your divider is constantly supported. They eliminate the risk of a divider toppling over and injuring someone. This is unlike room dividers that have a higher and thinner or narrower frame. They tend to fall easily since they are not properly supported. Their centre of gravity is also high, making them more unstable.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Sound Absorbing or Not

For office room dividers, it can be frustrating to be in your own space but still hear everything else going on in the office. This can be very distracting and reduce one’s productivity. When buying a room divider, you should consider the material that is used. This will either be material that absorbs sound or one that does not. The best material is one that is able to absorb more than 65% of the sound in any direction. It may not mean pin-drop silence but it will definitely be better than not having a divider that absorbs sound.

 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Flexibility of Shapes

It is best to buy room dividers that allow you to form whichever shape you want. These dividers are advantageous because you get to use them for different occasions depending on the different needs that each occasion presents. Other than functionality, they also allow you to engage your creative muscles and come up with interesting shapes that will make the room not look boring.

 White 6 Panel Room Divider

Room dividers are a great addition to any home or an open plan office. They are versatile and present you with the opportunity to transform a room without having to spend a lot of money. They are not permanent, so they also allow you to change things up from time to time if you are bored with the same look.


Room Dividers

Written by Lisa Williams — May 03, 2017

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