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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers offer you the opportunity to reinvent the entire room while enhancing its style.  A permanent wall structure normally defines the space of a particular room but for those who want to turn their room, into a more flexible and functional area, room divider is your answer.  Room divider gives you the capacity to transform a large space into small private rooms.  You will be able to divide the space of your kid’s bedroom or create an office space.


Tips When Buying Room Dividers UK


The contemporary types of room dividers are not just designed for creating room partition, but they can also be used in enhancing the design and serve as the focal point of the room.  There are also some cases where it comes with storage capacity where you can store your other items.  Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the best room divider.


Consider your Goal


Your personal goal can help you determine which screen room divider is ideal for you.  For those who want to limit the amount of sunlight passing through their room, choose a divider that is manufactured using woven fabric, faux leather or solid wood.  In case you want to allow some light to pass through but you still value your privacy, Japanese shoji screen divider is a great solution.  It is crafted from rice paper which is semi-transparent.  Depending on your goal, there are room dividers that will be ideal for you.


Check the Various Parts of the Room Divider


A screen divider is consists of the panels and the frame.  When analysing the frame, make certain that it was manufactured from high-quality materials.  It should be solid but light, check for any sign of dent and chipping.  The frame of the room dividers UK are constructed from different materials.  Linen and rice paper are the light materials.  Hardwood and fabrics will completely block the light.   Check the hinges and make sure that it is properly secured.  Examine the stability of the room divider, make sure that they have the ability to withstand a random contact and they will not easily tip.  For those who are looking for a more flexible type find a shutter style.  Preferably, you should choose a room divider with perpendicular feet that provides added stability.


Height of the Room Divider


The commercial room dividers are available in differing heights.  It may start from 2-feet and can increase depending on the need of the customer.  The 2-feet screen is ideal as a window shade, 3-4 ft. is usually used as hearth screen and the 5 ft. screen can be used in various purposes such as creating room partition.


When looking for room divider in the market, Room Dividers UK has a huge selection of screen divider.  They are available in a wide range of colour and sizes, and they are also very simple to install.


Written by Lisa Williams — March 02, 2017

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