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Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

In Asia, room dividers have a lot of history behind them. In fact, room dividers originate from Japan and have been used for centuries there. However, they have also been an important feature in Indian architecture and can often be seen as a mean to bring beauty and more privacy to homes there.


The Birthplace of Dividers


Japan is the birthplace of room dividers. There they are called shōji, but this word also includes doors and windows, all made of paper and a wooden frame. Traditional Japanese dividers are made of washi paper, which is made by hand and is an Intangible cultural heritage object of UNESCO. It is one of the best materials for a room divider panel, as it is really durable and tear resistant. The washi paper used by Room Dividers UK is not only strong, but it also allows light to enter with no glare what so ever. It maintains privacy and at the same time helps you brighten your room as its white surface reflects light. Most Japanese shōjis are minimalistic and in white, brown, black or fawn colours, without any overcomplicating elements. Some dividers have images on them, such as a beautiful cherry or bamboo tree.


Cherry Trees Are Beautiful and Fascinating


Cherry trees play an extremely important role in Japanese culture and history. Back in the days, Japanese farmers started the rice-planting season with the blossoming of cherry trees. Many believed that these trees contained spirits and gathered around them offering rice wine to please the spirits.


Bamboo is a Symbol of Prosperity and Purity


Bamboo, on the other hand, symbolises prosperity, innocence and purity. Bamboo is not only used for room dividers' frames, but it is also part of the Japanese cuisine, construction and handicrafts. In addition, bamboo is also often used in numerous traditional Japanese festivals that locals believe help them ward off evil. Bamboo is plays a significant part in Japanese culture so it is no surprise we can often see an image of a beautiful bamboo tree on Japanese room dividers.


Kashmeri Jali


However, Japan is not the only Asian country with a history with dividers. In India, room dividers are also quite popular. There they are known as jali and are essential to Indian architecture. They are extremely complex, with intricate decorations and made entirely of wood. They are usually way heavier than Japanese dividers, and separate panels are connected with tougher hinges to ensure the construction is stable and secure. Jalis are beautiful and classy and can be a great addition to any office or living room, offering more privacy and beauty.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 12, 2016

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