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How to Use Room Dividers to Modify Spaces - Room Dividers UK

Interior design has grown in leaps and bounds to incorporate room dividers as an integral part of the decoration process. These screens room dividers do not only make a space look aesthetically appealing but also meet certain needs. You can use room dividers to modify spaces to your liking. Some of the modifications include:

 Room Dividers

Managing Open Plan Designs

You may want to use decorative room dividers for this. They come in handy by having dual functions including saving on money that could have been redirected to decor and separating areas in the room as well.


Open plan designs are appealing, but sometimes they can get a bit old. You may want to feel like the space has definition. To do this, you could use a variety of room dividers home to create different rooms that still open into each other. This defines the space and does not compromise on the open plan feel of the space.


Adding Architectural Elements to Already Existing Walls

Sometimes you want to add elements to a space that were not incorporated into the original design of the room. Instead of using gypsum or other semi-permanent solutions, you can opt for modular room dividers. These decorative room dividers allow you to make shapes of your choice above short walls that already exist in the room.


Tweaking Architectural Designs

Sometimes the designs as set forth by the architect feel flawed to you. For example, you can find that the guest bedroom opens up directly into the living room. This can be uncomfortable for anyone walking out of the room to meet the glaring looks from everyone in the living room. You can use privacy room dividers to block the guest room door away from the view of people who are in the living room.

 Room Dividers


Creating Privacy

You might want to include privacy in your space. Room dividers home or even those at the office could help you define a small space within a bigger space. This helps you feel as though you have your own private space despite the fact that you are still sharing a room with others. For those who live in studio apartments, perhaps you would like to separate the living room area from the bedroom area especially when guests come around. This can be achieved through the use of privacy room dividers.


Temporary Partitions          

It is not uncommon to see screens room dividers in expos and fairs. These often take place in a large and open space where different booths are situated. These dividers help to define each merchant’s space to personalise it while still allowing it to be accessible to attendees.


Screens room dividers are versatile and can be used for different functions. They are affordable and come in many options for you to choose from. If you want a change that is not permanent, then these room dividers are your best bet. They also have the added advantage of saving you time by eliminating construction.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 18, 2017

Selecting the Design of the Room Dividers Screens

Some owners may consider transforming the wide space of their living area to a more practical space especially when they want to define a particular space in that room.   Fortunately, room dividers are functional and beautiful option in creating room partition.  By conducting a research about the available design of the decorative room dividers, you will be able to find a divider that is not only beautiful but also classy.

 Room Dividers

The Pattern of the Privacy Room Dividers

When you are looking at the pattern of the room dividers screens, you can choose from the floral, geometric, organic and graduated pattern.  For the floral pattern, there are the basic flower patterns, and there are more intricate patterns that come with the leaves.  There are also abstract representations of the flowers that may please those who have a unique taste in design.  The geometric pattern is a more complex design that includes repetitive geometrical shapes; some are symmetrical, and others are asymmetrical.  It is a combination of line that creates a unique design.  The graduated design is like a combination of the geometrical and the organic design.  It has the free shape of the organic pattern and the lines of the geometric shapes.  The organic pattern is derived from the shape of organic matters such as shells, bones, raindrops, leaves and water.


The Colour

If you think that the choices for the pattern is already overwhelming, wait till you see the enormous selection of colours.  From the Pantone, Dulux and the metallic colour, the choices on the colour of decorative room dividers are just endless.  One essential tip to choose the proper colour is to analyse the space where you are planning to place the room dividers screens.  Look at the prevalent shade of the furniture and choose a colour that blends well or compliments the colour of your furniture.

 Room Dividers

Frame Design

Finally, the design of the frame can also affect your choice of room dividers screens.  There are different materials used in creating the frame such as timber, steel, and aluminium.  When choosing the aluminium materials, the frame is also manufactured in different process such as double cladding, sandwiched, reinforced, single cladding, smart and wall mount.  The same can be said with the steel materials, but the steel may also be available in Centre Welded frame.  The timber material is more limited.  Most of the time, the frame is solid with a slot where the screens are placed.  The privacy room dividers made from timber materials are normally sturdy and suitable for indoor uses.  You should avoid using them outdoor since they have low resistance against outdoor elements.


These are just some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the right design for your privacy room dividers.  By looking at the different options that you have, you will find the suitable room dividers screens that you can place in a particular space.  Choosing the right design will help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of a specific area.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 13, 2017

Choose the Best Room Dividers that Meet Your Needs

Many people use room dividers home to create room spaces that are meant for various purposes. Although your aim is to create spaces for well usage and privacy of your room, you can use these room dividers to create a stunning look of your interior space. It all depends on how creative you are and the design of the divider that you are going to buy. Below are some of the designs that you can buy to not only get privacy but also ensure that you create an attractive interior space for yourself. There are a wide variety of designs that you can choose from.

 Room Dividers

Panel Glass Dividers Create a Superior Look

Panel Glass room dividers screens have a special look not only for their reflective nature but also for their attractive look appearance. You would need to install extra lights because the glass allows light to reach every space in your room. The most compelling attribute is that they can reflect light and increase its intensity thereby making your room to appear elegant and with a lot of ambience. To choose the colour that is good for you, you need to check at the frame that holds the glass that is what it’s normally coloured.


Open Room Dividers Are Good for Offices

In the office or working spaces, it would be good if you use the open privacy room dividers. This is because open room dividers enhance the ventilation of the office space while at the same time facilitating easy communication without moving from office to the other. Some of these dividers are made from wood while others are made from metal, it all depends on what you want. Make sure that you are sure of the quality of the divider that you are buying.


Always Choose the Best Size

Any divider will work conveniently and satisfactory if it fits well into the intended place of use. Make sure that you don’t buy smaller or bigger divider that is not going to fit well into the area you want to install it. First, make sure that you take accurate measurements of your room so that you be sure of the size you are required to buy. Once you know the size, you can then specify the kind of design that you want. There is no point of you buying compelling decorative room dividers that do not fit into your room, they will be of no importance.

 Room Dividers

For quality purposes, you need to choose wood room dividers that are made from hard wood. Metal dividers are good, but they need to be well coated to avoid rusting and corrosion since the divider will always be subjected to a lot fluids and other things when in the room.


To conclude, choose a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier who is going to ensure that only high profile dividers are given to you. You can check at the reputation of that particular company so that you be sure of their trustworthiness in supplying the best dividers.


Written by Lisa Williams — April 10, 2017

Using Room Dividers Screens in an Office - Room Dividers UK

You may have seen offices with cubicles or partitions that are halfway up the ceiling. When this kind of room dividing is needed, there must be modifications to the room fixtures in existence. There must be an added cost to this which can be avoided with room dividers screens that offers you much convenience and flexibility.

 Room Dividers

Feasible Installation

Having a permanent divider for a room needs experts, and it is time-consuming. While it may take days to fix a permanent wall, it will only take a few hours at most to fix privacy room dividers in your office. This is what makes them very convenient. There is no need to use bolts or screws, no drilling is needed which means they can easily be installed.


Room Dividers can be customised

It is quite interesting how room dividers in an office environment can be customised. Just like there are room dividers home, the office ones can have doors and windows. The beauty of these room dividers is they create a comfortable office with an option for adding windows, closets and different kinds of doors. A sound insulation can be fixed same as closets with doors to create more space for documents. This is one of the many reasons office owners are opting for room dividers rather than cubicles. You can paint the, and customise their length to suit what you are looking for.


Room Dividers are Sturdy

Because these are temporary structures that can be removed whenever necessary, you may be wondering about how strong they are. One thing with decorative room dividers is that they are very strong. Whether you want to hang a mirror or pictures on the dividers, this will be possible, and it will not affect the strength of the wall.

 Room Dividers

Customised and Pocket-Friendly Prices

Convenience does not always come at a cost. Since room dividers screens do not have a standard way they should be fixed in an office, you get a customised and affordable price. If you do not own the property where the office is, using room dividers to create private space is the most viable option.


Your Work does not have to stop

When the room dividers are being installed, your work does not have to stagnate for days. This can be a loss, especially to some organisations. You are given complete privacy within hours, and you can continue with your work unlike with permanent walls.


Privacy room dividers are an excellent option to divide an office and create a comfortable work station. They come with accessories to make the life of the workers more comfortable. The accessories may include closets, windows, and doors such as frosted-glass doors, plain doors and French doors. It all depends on what you are looking for and how appealing you need your office to be. If you are looking for an affordable way to divide your office and make it more visually appealing, the best option is to use room dividers.


Written by Lisa Williams — April 08, 2017

Types of Room Dividers

Add blog postRoom dividers are used for different functions. These different functions dictate which type of room divider you are going to use. Some of the reasons for getting room dividers home or in any other room include:

 Room Dividers


The design as influenced by the architect may seem flawed to you in some areas. For example, maybe a bathroom opens up into the dining area of the room. Privacy room dividers will help you to block the sight of the door away from people seated in the dining area. Whoever is using the bathroom, therefore, gets to catch a moment before they are in people’s view.



You might want to make a room feel more intimate and cosy. This can be achieved by the use of room dividers screens. There will still be an open plan design but you getting to add the ‘warm and cosy’ feeling to the room.



Decorative room dividers double up as decoration within a room. Maybe you want to partition your room but also want to add flare by having some art or items within the room. This can be a cheap and efficient way to do this.



You could also need to make a room more functional by having different working areas. This enables you to make the most out of your space without having to get permanent structures or use a lot of money.


Depending on your desired functions, there are two main categories of room dividers. These are:

 Room Dividers

Free-Standing Room Dividers

These room dividers screens have a standard three-panel design. They are not fixed to the ceiling, the floor or the wall. They are also more commonly referred to as portable room dividers. There are further categories of room dividers within this broad umbrella.


You can find shoji screens, canvas pocket screens, silk screens and gathered fabric screens. Each of these has different uses. Some are used for privacy while others such as silk screens are used as decorative room dividers since they are painted using ink and water colours.


Built-In Room Dividers

These are often used as privacy room dividers. They are fixed onto the ceiling, floor or wall using tracks or casters. Within this category, you find the sliding doors and panels. You can slide them out to reveal the room dividers home, or you can open up the room by letting them stay folded against the wall. These allow you to have the best of both worlds since you can use and hide them away as you please.


Privacy room dividers provide the option of recreating a room without having to spend a lot of money or commit to permanent changes. They allow you to be double-minded about whether or not you would like to see the changes you want all the time. This applies also when you would like to revert to the status quo as provided for by the built-in room dividers. The good thing is that these room dividers home do not need installation unless they are built-in. You can, therefore, buy them from the shop and put them in yourself without a hassle.

Room Dividers

Written by Lisa Williams — April 06, 2017

Practical Use of Room Dividers Screens

Room dividers are commonly regarded as a piece of furniture during the old times.  It is a classic item that we often see in the period movies in Asia and during the medieval era.  But lately, the classic room divider is making a comeback as an efficient way to create a room partition or a convenient dressing area.   Nowadays, the Room Dividers Screens are not only restricted in defining the space of the room, most people have realised that it has a variety of practical use that you may never thought of.  Here are some of them:

 Room Dividers

Decorative Room Dividers Can Be Used as a Storage Space

For those who have an adequate space in their living room who are looking for an extra storage space, the Room Dividers Screens are the perfect option.  A lot of people have found a solution in transforming a useless space into a more practical area by using room divider.  Simply fold it against the corner or the wall to create a storage space.  After this, the homeowner can then place their stuff in their new storage area.  Having a room divider as a storage space allows you to be more organised.


For Decoration

Decorative room dividers can be utilised as a decorative element to a plain and empty area.  They can magnify the beauty of a particular space simply by introducing them.  But still, the theme and the design of the room divider should perfectly match the style of the area where you are planning to use it.  Or else, the room divider will look disconnected.  The room divider can also serve as a defining point in a particular space.  Choose a divider that has an intricate design to make it the focal point of the room.

 Room Dividers

Dressing Station

Are you planning to invite your friends over the weekend and spend the night with them?  Room Dividers Screens are perfect way to create a dressing station.  A dressing station is a great addition to a room shared by 2 or more people.  It provides that privacy that you need when you are changing your clothes.  Another advantage of using room divider as a dressing station is that you can simply fold them when they are not being used.


But in order to use the Room Dividers Screens for its practical use, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right room divider.  Analyse the space where you plan to introduce the room divider and consider your goal; are you buying divider for decorative or acoustic purposes?   Start by creating a design idea and consider your option again.  There are loads of graphic styles available on the decorative room dividers, and it may overwhelm you.  By having a design idea, you can narrow your choices and create the room divider suitable for you.  You should also think about the materials of your room dividers.  You want to make sure that it will last for a long time and will be enjoyed by the generations to come.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 04, 2017

How to Increase Room Space through Using Room Dividers

Screens room dividers are meant to offer privacy and decorations to rooms or interior spaces. They come in various sizes, designs, and patterns which are why you should choose the one that matches with the size and nature of your room or interior space. To ensure that you have the best divider, make sure that you analyse the wide range of collections, search on the net for ideas and ensure that you come up with the best choice of room dividers that you will use in your room. The materials used in the making of dividers vary, so you need to know which ones are good and which ones are not in regard to the place where you are going to use them.

 Room Dividers

Choose Dividers with Shelves

 Many room dividers home have a single layer or wall that is meant to create a boundary in the room where it is installed so that people can have an understandable pattern and space division. But you can save space when you make this temporary wall with shelves so that you eliminate the usage of cupboards and side boards which might take another huge space. In these shelves, you can keep books, bottles and other materials that could have filled up the room. The end result is that you will have a spacious room that is enough for your usage.


Cover the Space where You Actively Use

Privacy room dividers are meant to enable you to create a private place in your room where you would be working and doing your personal staff. Such space does not have to be big, and once you install the room divider around that region, you will find that your room has more space than before. You can decide to get the floor to ceiling posts or the half-way posts, they all work nicely.

Install the Divider with Hinges

 Room dividers that are made with hinges perform their work very nicely and efficiently. First, you will be able to divide your room any time you want to. This is because these dividers work like a door where when you want them to create a wall, you just unfold them and when you want them to create space, and you just fold them. They increase room space because when you don’t want them to be in work, example when you are having a celebration at home, you just fold them, and you will have all the space to do your work.

 Room Dividers

Every room divider has its own make and colour, but the best advice from many interior designers is that you choose a divider that has colour which rhymes with your interior materials. When the room divider’s beauty rhymes with your interior components’ attractiveness, you will have an enhanced interior beauty that is compelling to you and your visitors.


The bottom line is that you should a divider that fits your room and one that is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it serves you efficiently and for long

Written by Lisa Williams — April 02, 2017

Creating more Space with Room Dividers Home - Room Dividers UK

You could be living in an apartment, but you are in need of making some space for a baby, have a guest room or even create a new office. There are options how this can be made possible, but some of them are not feasible. Building an add-on or moving in to a bigger and well-partitioned house are options that are not feasible. Removable walls or privacy room dividers are the best option.

 Room Dividers

Some Uses of Room Dividers

 There are many uses of room dividers such as the screen room dividers. Their versatility makes it possible to have the rooms that you desire in your home.


Create a Guest Room

 You live in a small apartment, but you are never happy when you have guests spending a night in your apartment. They are forced to sleep on the couch which makes you uncomfortable. With privacy room dividers, this should not be happening since you can create a temporary room for your guests. They will get the privacy that they need, and when they are gone, you will just keep the removable wall away.


Have a New Home Office

 If you have a family, you may find it hard to work when you live in a small apartment. Kids are everywhere, someone is watching a movie, and there could be guests in your house, but you still need to get some work done. With room dividers home, you can create an office where you will work without being bothered.


Create a Room for a Baby

 When you have a baby, you want them to be in their own room, but the rental prices cannot allow you. You do not have to worry since you can use decorative room dividers to decorate your house and create a room for your baby. It is a great way to utilise the small space that you have.


Benefits of Room Dividers Home

 There are a multitude of benefits for using room dividers. From versatility to being affordable, there is every reason to consider them over permanent walls.

 Room Dividers

No Issues with the Landlord or Landlady

 The owner of the apartment will definitely not allow you to build an add-on. With screen room dividers, you can take them away when not in need or when moving from one apartment to the other thus you will not violate any lease.


They are Temporary

 When you live in a rented apartment, and you need to create a new room, you need privacy room dividers as they are temporary. You do not have to worry about how the dividers will be fixed or removed.


There are many reasons that decorative room dividers and other types of dividers have become popular. Besides being versatile, they are the cheapest option to create a new room unlike when you have to build an add-on. The initial price is affordable, there are no extra materials or demolition costs that are involved when setting or removing room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 31, 2017

Enhance Your Private Space with Screen Room Dividers

There is no better way to improve your space than with decorative room dividers. Whether it is to save space or it serves just a decorative purpose, screen room dividers are ideal for any kind of room and house. Make your living room seem prettier and more interesting with a room divider that can suit every preferences and decorative style.

 Room Dividers

Room Dividers Home and Workspace


Screen room dividers may easily be placed in working spaces, in order to separate different rooms in a unified room. When there are not enough rooms for every employee, decorative room dividers are the perfect solution. Even if there is enough space, a room divider could be the perfect solution to make a business seem full of playful and joyful environment.


Another attribute is that each employee can have the privacy room dividers can offer when place to a working space. Instead of tall walls that may cause a suffocating feeling, the screen room dividers can offer the same level of privacy and at the same time offer a beautiful set.


At home, decorative room dividers can make your space look more stylish. Whether your preferred style is modern, Asian or rustic, there are many available options for you. Consider dividing your living room in order to create another, perhaps study room. A perfect solution for anyone who works at home and wants his privacy, room dividers can absolutely help with that.


Children’s Bedroom


If you have two children but only one children’s bedroom now you can offer your children their privacy. Room dividers can split their room in half and stop the unnecessary fighting. Each child may not enjoy his own private space while being at the same room. Decorative room dividers for children are also available. Choose their favourite character and make them a great gift.

 Room Dividers

Why Choose Screen Room Dividers from Room Dividers UK


No matter your style and preferences, Room Dividers UK has a wide variety of decorative room dividers to choose from. However, there are many more reasons in order to complete your purchase from this company. If you are staying anywhere in UK mainland, the delivery will be completed free of charge. Therefore no additional cost will be issued to your purchase.


As you can see from the site, here, you can find the best looking and most inexpensive screen room dividers in all UK. Along with the excellent customers’ reviews, you can ensure you will purchase the best quality possible. Order today your favourite room divider and receive it the same day.


These decorative room dividers travel safely so that you don’t receive a scratched divider. What is more, if you find any difficulty or you need any further information, expert support and advice is provided to all customers.


However, if you have already purchased any of the screen room dividers and you want to return them, there is an option. If for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, there is a 14-dayfull money refund guarantee.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 30, 2017

Four Tips for Creating Productive Home Office Spaces - Room Dividers UK

Working at home can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a specific room to work in. However, many people who work at home create their offices using room dividers home and other pieces of furniture to build their own office spaces. A home office works best when it is designed with personal touches, so there is not just one home office design that will work for everyone. However, here are some tips to help you create an office that is comfortable, organised, and works well for you.

 Room Dividers - Room Screens

  1. Creating Your Space

While it can be tempting to pick a location and place your office permanently there, you may want to try different areas in your house before setting up the office. The best location for your office will depend on your preferences because you may want to be near people or completely away from your living spaces. If you are in a living space, you may want to divide the spaces using privacy room dividers, especially when you are working with clients at your home.

 Room Dividers - Room Screens

  1. Storage and Filling

Like most offices, it can be easy to have stacks of paper pile up of your desk. Creating enough storage is important. Today, there are many great options for storage, including racks, shelves, and cubes that you can use. There are some decorative room dividers that have storage built in or can have storage items added to them.


You should also think about how you are going to hide and organise equipment wires or store the extra items that you will not be using.

 Room Dividers

  1. Ergonomics of Your Chair and Desk

No matter where your office is located, you should not forget about the ergonomic rules. The top of a computer screen should be at your eye level or just below it. The desk should have your arms parallel with the floor, so the type of desk that you should pick will depend on what you are most comfortable with. Sitting desks are still the most popular option, but standing desks are becoming more popular. This is due to research which shows that sitting for long periods is linked to many health problems, including cancer, obesity, and diabetes.


  1. Lighting

While natural lighting is the ideal lighting for a home office, this is not always possible. So, you may need to use privacy room dividers, especially if you have your desk facing the door or the opening of the screen room dividers. Desk lamps are a great option because you can illuminate your work. Your home office should have enough artificial light to work in, even during overcast days. You may want to also have some candles around your office just in case the power goes out.

 Room Dividers

With more people working at home, the home office is becoming a larger part of home décor. However, most homes and apartments are not built to have a room for a home office. This is why screen room dividers and privacy room dividers are commonly used to divide living spaces from a home office.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 29, 2017

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How to Use Room Dividers to Modify Spaces - Room Dividers UK

Interior design has grown in leaps and bounds to incorporate room dividers as an integral part of the decoration process. These screens room dividers do not only make a space...

Selecting the Design of the Room Dividers Screens

Some owners may consider transforming the wide space of their living area to a more practical space especially when they want to define a particular space in that room.   Fortunately,...

Choose the Best Room Dividers that Meet Your Needs

Many people use room dividers home to create room spaces that are meant for various purposes. Although your aim is to create spaces for well usage and privacy of your...