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Installing a Room Divider–Why You Should Have One in Your Home Interior

There are several reasons why you should install a room divider in your home interior. It is a practical solution that will also provide additional aesthetic value to your home. Most people use room dividers screens to divide the available space into smaller sections. Some people use them to hide clutter away from the public. Small dividers can also be used to decorate rooms and at the same time create extra storage spaces.

 4 Panel Room Divider

There are different types of room dividers screens on the market today. The typical model is the folding screen panel divider that you can move easily. It is also foldable for easy storage. You can also buy a single screen divider, which is mainly used to divide bigger spaces into two areas. You can find hanging curtain panels on the market as well. You can also combine room dividers screenswith shelves that can be utilised to store common household items.


Fabric Room Divider

This is one of the simplest forms of divider that you can find in the market. It is composed of a sheet of fabric that is held by a wooden frame. A lot of homeowners use this type of divider because they can easily replace the fabric to match the interior of the room.

 Fabric Room Divider

Bamboo Room Divider

Another type of room divider that you can use is the bamboo room divider. It is recommended if the room has a lot of wooden elements. Some people place it against the wall to create some space for furniture.

 Bamboo Room Dividers

Installing Room Dividers

Installing a room divider is a simple task that is as easy as moving a shelf around. However, before setting up a divider, you should first determine its purpose. That way you will know what type of divider you are going to buy.

If you want to decorate the room with it, then you need a visual divider, such as a Japanese-inspired paper divider. If you want a more functional divider, then you need to one that serves as a book case or one with shelves. The dimensions of a visual divider depend on where you are going to place it. However, when you opt for a functional divider, then you need to know how long the divider needs to be to divide the room.


For DIY room divider projects, it is important to ensure that all the hardware and hinges are secure and tightened. When done the right way, it is easier to open and close the divider without exerting any effort. You should also regularly tighten the hardware to ensure that it is in good working condition. While creating a wood divider is not an easy task, you can easily make one in less than two hours.

 Room Screens

These are the things that you need to consider when installing room dividers screens. If you don’t have the time for a DIY project, you can easily find the right room divider on the market. Just make sure you choose a reputable store that can guarantee the quality of the products they have to offer.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 25, 2017

Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Room by Using Room Dividers Screens

Room dividers screens are normally used to divide rooms into functional areas where people will be able to know what to do in every space created. At the same time, room dividers are meant to create privacy by covering personal things in a room. What many people have not realised is that room dividers can be used to increase the attractiveness of the room. The design and decoration of the room divider Screens you choose determines greatly the image of your room. If you are looking for something just to partition your room, then you can choose any design but if you want to create a stunning internal space, having the best dividers should be a priority to you.

 Room Dividers Screens

Choose a Room Divider That is Well-Fitting in Your Room

When a room divider is well-fitting, it means that it will stand well without any points of weakness. This will make it to serve you for long without falling off from its position. When you choose bigger or smaller room dividers than the size of your room, they could end up falling off from their installed positions thereby ending up breaking the partitions you created. For you to get the best room dividers, make sure that you take the measurements of your room and take it to the room divider manufacturer so that a customised room divider is made for you.


Get a Room Divider That Has Colours Which Rhyme With Your Room Theme

Room dividers Screens are more than space dividers or creators; they can be used to increase the sparkling of your room. Look at the colour of your walls, the colour of your floors and the colour of your other room components. Choose the room divider that has colour that will match with the general theme of your room. This will make you to create a uniform attractiveness that many people will like. You can even consider the lighting pattern of your room so that you choose a good room divider.

 Room Dividers Screens

Choose High-Quality Room Dividers

Room dividers are made from various materials and designs which mean that they have a variable quality. For you to ensure that you get the best room dividers, look at the ones that are made from Aluminium, copper, fibre glass or hard wood. All these are materials that are used in making of the room dividers so you should ensure that you choose only the top notch ones. When you choose low-quality dividers, they might end up breaking after a very short time thereby making your room to be an open space again. You can ask the manufacturer to make a room divider using materials of your choice so that you only get high-quality room dividers.


The bottom line is that room dividers screens can enhance the look of your room if you buy the stylish ones that have spectacular structures and designs. You can do some research to find out the various designs of room dividers available so that you make an appropriate choice.

 Room Dividers Screens

Written by Lisa Williams — July 21, 2017

Why Choose Photo Room Dividers

Over the past few years, the popularity of photo room divider has immensely increased. This is not only due to its ability to create room partition, but it can also personalise your room. Using this type of screen divider is a great opportunity to showcase the artworks of your kids, display photos of your exciting family adventures or pictures of your recent trip in other parts of the world. The proper placement of the divider will allow you to transform this into focal point.

 Photo Room Dividers

Things You Need to Consider When Using Photo Room Dividers

Photo Room Divider is available in various styles, materials, and types that will complement the existing design of any room. You need to guarantee that you are choosing a screen divider that is solid. You should also look at the section of the room where you are planning to place the divider. Here are other things that you need to consider when using this divider.


The Types of Photo That You Are Using

Some people think that by using photo room dividers, they can now display different kinds of photos. However, stacking it up with random photos will make it look cluttered. While personalising seems to be a good idea, you should also make sure that it stays aesthetically pleasing. It should also magnify the existing decoration inside the room. Make sure that you look at the theme; the colour of the picture that you are posting should match each other. The theme should be connected. For instance, if you want to maintain a modern look, you should stick with the black and white colours that have a classic and elegant look. In case your house is designed with tropical theme, you might want to stick with photos with greens, palm trees, and plants.

 Photo Room Dividers

A lot of people make mistake in designing their photo room dividers with the picture of their family members which does not necessarily match the entire decoration of the room. Photos that look professional will not look good on this divider.


The Placement

Another thing that you need to consider is the placement of the photo room divider. Finding the perfect location for your divider can be a challenge. One great place would be the corner of your house which will soften the lines. It is also a great way to divide the dining and living room. When placing it in your room, make sure that it will not be tippy. It should be stable. Avoid placing it in an area with heavy traffic.

 Photo Room Dividers

Photo room divider can be a great way to add uniqueness and make a boring space interesting. In addition, it is also portable which makes it relatively easy to remove it or transfer it to another location. Photo room dividers provide an opportunity to personalise your entire room by showcasing illustrations and photos of the family. Adding a photo divider into your space will add uniqueness and warmth into the space that will make it more inviting.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 20, 2017

Room Dividers for your Workplace - Room Dividers UK

Have you ever considered if there is a fun and inexpensive way to enhance your working place in just one, small step? If you want to make the office a little more interesting without having to spend much, then room dividers is the perfect solution for you. At the office or in any other working space a room divider can play an important role in the overall interior design.

 Room Dividers

Create a Fun Working Space

All your co-workers will definitely need a little something to spice things up and make them feel happy and pleased to come to work every morning. Perhaps you can choose some colourful room dividers to spread across the space. For your conference room, a colourful and fun room divider will make you feel more confident and playful.


Colours in the working space will enhance your everyday workload and make you more creative. Offer the chance to the rest of your team to operate in a much better pace with some colourful and playful notes inside the office space.


Separate the Rooms

Room dividers, apart from a perfect stylish addition, can really make a huge difference in the room’s division. If you have too many employees but not enough offices, then this is the perfect solution for you.

 Black Room Divider

If you are not ready to move in to another establishment, you can always use a room divider instead. Give your employees the chance to feel like they have their own private space. This will help them better act during their working hours. This way they will feel like they have a space only for them.


Bring Light into the Room

If you consider separating some of the rooms with big, tall walls, then you might want to think again. The walls will prevent the natural sun light to enter the room and might make the space a little more depressing. Instead, you can use some room dividers without keeping the sun light out of your daily working space. Amusing room dividers will be the perfect solution, whether you want to increase the privacy or you just want to add something new in your office.


Online Purchase

All you have to do is go to the online store and browse through the amazing options that Room Dividers UK has to offer. Find the style and colour that it matches the rest of your interior design and place your order online.

 4 Panel Room Dividers

In just one business day you will have your new room dividers, and you can place them whenever you want. This is the ultimate decoration for any actual space, in your working office or even your house. There are so many options that there is no doubt you will manage to find the ones best suited to your needs.


Online Support

If you have any additional questions or you need any clarification, there is always an online support option that you can turn to and answer all of your questions.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 18, 2017

The Guide to Buying a Room Divider

If you found your way to this article, then you are most likely already researching the room divider market and know the amount of sizes, colours, styles, and designs to choose from. This guide to buying a room divider will do its best to review all of the factors a person should take into consideration in order to make a well-educated decision before buying the item.

 6 Panel Room Dividers

Functions, Form, and Practicality

A room divider could be used in too many ways to be able to describe them all. You might want to change the outlook of the room or simply want to divide the kitchen from your living room. Perhaps you don’t have a place where you could change privately or want to divide your staff so that they won’t be talking with each other and waste time on unproductive efforts.  In order to make the correct choice, you should understand the functions of room dividers in order to proceed with the form you would need and means of implementing it in the particular area.


The perfect room divider would be efficient and good looking. Its use is of great significance regardless of the room you chose to put it in so you would surely want it to be of high quality.


Designs and Colours

This is not as tough as it sounds. There are two cases in which you will be using a room divider. You will either be just now creating the design of the particular space, or it is already furnished, and the design is set. The décor of the room plays the most importance when choosing the design and colours of a room divider.

 Room Dividers

Light coloured, light weight room dividers are not only cheaper but provide you with a more consistent solution to urban type of decorations. In the opposite case, the darker shades are heavier and suit the needs of office spaces. Obviously, we are only speaking generally, and this is in the case that you haven’t chosen a specific design yet. If you have then just adjust the room divider to it.


Questions to Ask Yourself

Overall there are a bunch of questions, upon whose answer you will be able to make the needed choice.

  • How high is the room you will be placing the room divider in and will it have to reach the ceiling?
  • Respectively, how wide would it have to be, in what manner are you using it, does it have to cover the room’s width or set aside a specific corner?
  • Fabric of the room divider g. rice paper allows for light to pass through it, while wood obviously doesn’t.
  • Weight of the room divider – this is still based on the fabric.
  • Are you using it for decorative or functional purposes?

 4 Panel Room Divider


After going through all of those factors, you will be able to make an efficient choice regarding the purchase of a room divider. We hope to have made the process smoother for you.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 05, 2017

4 Reasons to Use Room Dividers to Decorate Space

Room dividers are a great way to divide a room or create privacy in a rather large room. Although this is the main reason that many use them, this is not their only purpose. They can be used to decorate a room that seems to be a bit dull or empty. Decorative room dividers can be placed in a corner or just against a wall to create a visual interest. In fact, most offices and homes are nowadays using room dividers to add glamour to their space.

3 Panel Room Divider 

Plenty of Styles to Choose From 

One of the advantages of using decorative room dividers is that there are plenty of styles that you can choose from. A folding screen room divider goes very well in decorating a room. Whatever is the theme of your house or office, you will find a room divider that suits it. This is because manufacturers are creative and come up with different styles from time to time. Whether you want a Japanese style look, a Bahamian one, an Asian or a feminine look, you will find a room divider that suits your preferences. 


Choose a Retro Style Room Divider

In your contemporary home where you need to enhance your retro style, it's advisable to use room dividers with acrylic panels. One panel standalone divider works in a great way. The reason they are a great option is that they come in geometric designs, and bright colours that make them more modern. Decorating your house with bright coloured room dividers brings a sense of life.

 Retro Room Divider

Feminine Style Room Dividers 

If you are a lady, you want your house to have a feminine chic style. You want it to look its best and match up the theme of the house. You do not have to worry about getting a room divider that enhances the look of your house. This is because there are room dividers with beautiful scenes, there are others with floral designs and you can even buy a fabric covered room divider. 

 White Room Divider

Asian Style Decor Room Dividers

You probably love the scenes that you see from the Asian culture such as those of Asian women or places. With a reputable room divider manufacturer, you can enjoy the Asian theme in your office or home. No more hanging paintings on the walls as with a room divider, you decorate your wall from bottom to the top.


There are many advantages that come with using a room divider or dividers in your home. You can create cosy rooms within a big room, but you can also use them to decorate rooms. By placing a room divider that matches the theme of your house against a wall whether in the sitting room or in the bedroom, you will be adding colour to it. You can get retro style dividers, Asian ones especially the Japanese style and even dividers that are decorated with scenes. You will be spoilt for choice when you need to decorate your space with room dividers.


6 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — July 03, 2017

Decorating Your House with Asian Room Dividers

Designing your home using Asian-inspired furniture can introduce harmony and elegance on your life. The unique blend of accessories and interesting mix of colours will add glamour to your room. It is the perfect piece that will make your interior stand out. One way of incorporating this style to your home is through Oriental room dividers. The first thing you need to do is to observer the prominent style of your house. This will help you in choosing the right screen divider that will complement the other elements in your home. In case you want something simple, the shoji screen divider would be great for you, Rattan dividers exudes manliness you can also choose painted Asian dividers if you want to achieve a zen-like atmosphere.

 4 Panel Room Divider

How to Use the Asian Room Dividers for Decorations

After you successfully choose the right oriental room divider, the next thing to do is to choose the proper placement. An elegant divider can virtually add life into any space. Here are some of our suggestions.


Use it As a Focal Point

Place your oriental room divider against the wall to use this as a focal point. It will work perfectly if you have an extended wall that you want to break up. In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the divider, you may also add decorations in front of the divider such as potted plants. You may also transform this in a conversational area by adding chairs on the divider.


Dividing a Room

If you have a large room that you want to be more functional, you can place the oriental room dividers to divide the areas. You can use it to create partition on your kid’s room or if you want to separate the dining and living area. You will not only transform the large space into something more functional, but you will also do it in a glamorous fashion.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Place it at the Corner

If you notice that the corner of your room is somehow bland, you may put a life into your room by folding the oriental room divider in that corner. This will provide a great look into a plain room and will make it more interesting. In addition, you can also use the space on the back of the divider to hide the unsightly elements in your house.


Bedroom Decoration

In case you are decorating your bedroom and you are looking for an elegant headboard, the oriental room dividers can be used as one. Instead of folding it, use it in a flat manner and just slide it behind your bed. This will definitely create a unique appearance on your bedroom and will make it an interesting place to rest.


Introducing room dividers into a room can transform it into a more functional space and will make it more elegant. The Oriental dividers are designed to put a spice in to your space. There are available in wide range of styles and colours that will suit your preference and needs.


3 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — June 29, 2017

Your House will Look Great with a Brand New Room Divider

If you want to enhance your space and make it look even greater, then it is time to consider about room dividers. Your interior design will be instantly upgraded with one amazing design on your new room divider. It is ideal for any kind of space no matter what your personal style is.

 6 Panel Room Divider

A room divider will not only make your space look more beautiful, but it will create an illusion of a bigger space. If you don’t want to purchase some expensive decorations for your house, room dividers are the perfect choice for you and your dream house.


Separate your Living Room

 If you have a big open living room, but you don’t really need it, perhaps it is time to consider putting a room divider right in the middle of it. This way you can truly create from scratch a whole new room in your house and change the whole appearance of your house.


Especially if you work from home, it would be great to have your own space that you can consider it to be your office. It may not have an actual door or walls around it, but it will definitely bring you a sense of privacy. You may need it if you are sharing your house with your significant other and your children as well.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Children’s Room

 A room divider would be a great addition to your children’s bedroom as well. If you have more than 1 kids and only one bedroom for them room dividers can perform miracles when it comes to room separation. Offer them the chance to get a little bit of privacy even if they are both in the room.


This way they will be able to relax on their own and be together whenever they feel like it. Even if you only have one child, a room divider can help you place all of the toys behind it and keep the room tidy. You don’t have to run to the room whenever you have an unexpected guest. All you have to do is create an additional space inside the room and place all of the things you do not want to keep in display.


Room Dividers Online

 You don’t have to spend time going to the store in order to find the ideal room divider for you. All you have to do is browse through the unlimited options and find the ones best suited to your needs and preferences. Select the ones that you find most preferred according to the overall style of your house and place your order.


The room divider will be at your place in just a few business days. You don’t have to transfer it on your own or carry it at your place. All you have to do is order it online, and you will receive it in any possible address is convenient for you.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — June 27, 2017

6 Great Ways to Use Room Dividers

Home and office décor can be very expensive.  So, you may be limited to if you can paint the walls of your home, which makes it hard to decorate a room at times. Room dividers can be used for more than just dividing a room. Here are a few innovative ways to use room dividers in your home.

 3 Panel Room Divider

  1. Imply the Separation of Space Without Closing the Spaces.

Separating different living spaces can both make it look there is more room or less room than there really is. This will depend on how the space is divided. A room divider can divide living spaces without making them look smaller because you can have the room divider mostly folded and the sight lines are still in the rooms. The room divider shows where the rooms end but does not close them off.


  1. Take Back Dead Space

Dead space is wasted space, and you may not have the space to waste. A room divider can add interest to these areas of dead space in a room. This can help also move the eye around the room, which makes the room look bigger.


  1. Add Pattern and Print to a Room

Adding patterns and prints to a room can be a challenge at times. Pillows and artwork are the most common ways of adding patterns to a room. Room dividers are also great options to add a large amount of pattern to a room. Many times, a room divider is more affordable than a huge piece of artwork, and it does not require you to make holes in your walls.

 4 Panel Room Dividers

  1. Use One as a Headboard

Headboards can be very expensive and extremely bulky. Instead of taking up room, you can easily use a room divider as a headboard. A room divider can be completely unfolded and placed at the head of your bed. This can save you money and creates a unique headboard for your bed.


  1. Create a Transparent Division

There are many shelving room dividers that create a transparent division between rooms. This can help improve the amount of storage that your room has while keeping the sight lines of the room. There are other room dividers that have thin materials or wooden dowels that can also help keep the sight lines of the room.


  1. Portable Accent Wall

Living in an apartment or renting a home means that you may not have the ability to paint a wall or hang items on the wall. Room dividers are a great option because they are not permanent and come in many colours and patterns. You can move the room divider around the room, and even switch it out regularly to match the season or your room’s décor.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Room dividers come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. This makes it easy for you to find a room divider that matches your décor and that works for your decorating plans. They can eliminate the need to paint your walls or put holes in them for artwork.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 25, 2017

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Installing a Room Divider–Why You Should Have One in Your Home Interior

There are several reasons why you should install a room divider in your home interior. It is a practical solution that will also provide additional aesthetic value to your home....

Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Room by Using Room Dividers Screens

Room dividers screens are normally used to divide rooms into functional areas where people will be able to know what to do in every space created. At the same time,...

Why Choose Photo Room Dividers

Over the past few years, the popularity of photo room divider has immensely increased. This is not only due to its ability to create room partition, but it can also...