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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Advantages of Using Room Dividers

Room dividers are used as temporary walls in a home or an office. They come in handy when you want to partition a room without putting up a permanent wall. The temporary nature of a room divider is one of its greatest features because it provides the user with endless opportunities. In order to enjoy the full benefits of having these dividers, you must know how to use them in order to define your space. The benefits of using these dividers include:

 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Affordable Changes Using a Room Divider

A room divider is the most affordable solution when you are looking to make a drastic change in a space. If you would like to separate two areas, for example, you opt for a divider. It is cheaper to buy a divider than to put up a wall. For the latter, you need to factor in the structural changes and other construction requirements. You also have to spend a lot of time with renovations taking place and dealing with workers invading your living space. After all this, you might not even like the result at the end of the day, and you will have spent a lot of money. Room dividers save you from the hassle as well as the financial commitment.

 Wooden Room Divider

Getting Temporary Solutions Using Room Dividers

Room dividers are temporary and therefore convenient. You can use a room divider to partition a room, create another room altogether or even just for decoration. All you have to do is buy one and put it up. Even fixed room dividers such as blinds ad sliding doors are not cumbersome to install. The easier they are to put up, the easier they also are to take down. Therefore, if you want a temporary solution, you should opt for a room divider. If you are easily bored by monotonous looks, these dividers allow you to change it up once in a while without breaking the bank or committing to long term changes.

 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Versatility of Room Dividers

Another benefit of using a room divider is the versatility you get to enjoy. These dividers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for partitioning, decoration or storage among other things. Therefore, you will find a divider for any function you have in mind. Additionally, free standing dividers can be moved from one place to another. This means that the screen room dividers can be used in numerous occasions. If you have a trade faire, show and tell or meetings in a school, you can manipulate these dividers to suit each of these occasions. This is possible because the dividers can be fixed in different shapes as the occasion calls for.

 6 Panel Room Divider

Generally, dividers have a lot to offer. However, in order to enjoy certain benefits, you need to choose specific dividers. If you want to use one for decoration, it would be best to go for a patterned shoji screen. Whatever the case, room dividers are generally affordable and available in different styles.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 28, 2017

Guide on Making Shoji Room Dividers

The Shoji screen is a type of sliding room dividers in the average Japanese homes.  They can be used to add some privacy to a room while still allowing the light to pass through.  Shoji dividers can be traced back on the third century.  Traditionally, they are made using wood for the frames and the rice paper.   Making your own shoji screen dividers is just easy.  It will allow you to create a partition in your room while adding a touch of Asian charm.  Here’s how to do it.

 Shoji Room Divider

Creating the Frame of the Room Dividers

The first thing you need to do when creating a shoji room divider is to construct the frame.  You may purchase a lightweight lumber and cut it at your desired specification.  Make sure to measure your room first to ensure that your Japanese shoji divider will fit.  There should be no less than 4 pieces of frame on each panel.  Start creating a rectangle based on these portions and attached them by using nails or wood glue.  Create at least 2 matching frames by following the same procedure.  Check their stability and make sure that they can stand firmly on the ground without any support.

 Shoji Screen Frame


Add the crosspiece at the middle of the frame.  This will create the cross at the centre of the Shoji room divider which will enhance the stability.  Try to fit it neatly on the middle of the frame.  You may use glue on the edges of the crosspieces to secure them.  You may also attach it with nails to enhance the support.  For aesthetic purposes and enhances durability, you may add more crosspieces on the two halves of the screen divider.  Thin and long nails like finish nails will work perfectly on attaching crosspieces.


The Rice Paper

Start lining up the sheets of Japanese paper on the edges of the frame.  This will create the rear part of the shoji room dividers.  Use glue to attach the rice papers on the cross pieces and the edges of the frame.  Allow it to dry.  After completing this, the rear portion of your screen divider should look completely white while the other side will still have visible frame and cross pieces.   Spray the rice paper gently in order to create that finished look.  Do the same process of attaching the rice paper into the other side of the divider.

 Shoji Rice Paper

Installing the Hinges

After you glued the rice paper, it is now time for you to attach the frames using hinges.  Align the shoji room dividers and install the hinges on their corner.  Use at least 2-3 hinges on each panel to ensure its durability and stability.  Secure the hinges properly using wood screw which will allow you to simply fold the screen divider when they are not in use.  It would be better if you can find hinges that will match the tone of the wood.


Finally, you need to test your new shoji room divider.  You have to make certain that they will remain stable and solid under different conditions and that you can fold them without extreme effort. 

Written by Lisa Williams — May 26, 2017

Room Dividers – Things to Consider

Are you truly exhausted from the way your old office looks like? Are you dying to make a change but afraid of the upcoming expenses? Is it really that expensive, though? Isn’t there a better alternative that you can take advantage of in order to conveniently handle this situation? The truth is that there is a simple, one-touch difference that you can make in order to make your space look like brand new. And, on top of everything else, this solution is portable. Hence, you can use it wherever you want to. We are talking about a room divider. That’s right – those ancient Chinese solutions that great emperors used to take advantage of in the interior of their homes. This is something particularly hot right now, and it’s definitely worth your attention.

 Oriental Room Divider

With this being said, it’s important to take a quick look at the benefits that you can expect from a convenient solution of the kind. Let’s go ahead and see.


Flexibility beyond Comprehension

That’s right – room dividers are as flexible as it gets. You can take advantage of them in practically every single room or facility – wherever they might be needed. Regardless if you want to separate spaces in a classroom, gym, office or even something else – this solution will take you up on the requirements and fulfil them splendidly.


Keep in mind that a room divider will effectively allow you to separate your room in a way that you see fit. This is going to come at no additional costs, and the only thing you’d have to pay for is the divider itself. There is no need to call professionals and to go through any kinds of repairs. They provide all the privacy that you may need and are absolutely extraordinary when it comes to it. This is something that you should take into account.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Different Prices

There is something for everyone. We can provide you with options on different prices depending on the type of room divider that you want to install. With all this in mind, it is quite obvious that you will have all the flexibility in the world. This will allow you to prepare your budget accordingly and it’s certainly something that is particularly important. With this in mind, you should know that any other type of repair is going to be a lot more expensive.


This is without a doubt one of the most budget-friendly options in front of you, and it is something that you might want to take into account. In any case, you should consider the fact that they have quite a lot of different applications, which is something important and it should be taken into perfect consideration.


With all this in mind, you can pay a visit to our shop or take a look at the things that we have to offer online. We have a tremendous variety of options that you can take your pick from and this is definitely in your best interest.

Decorative Screen

Written by Lisa Williams — May 24, 2017

3 Ways to Make Your Room Attractive with Room Dividers

Dividing your room or inner space into meaningful partitions is one of the ways of showing that you are organised. Besides just rationalising spaces in your room, you can also enhance the beauty of your room and make it look elegant and attractive. Room dividers come in different shapes and sizes giving the user the autonomy to choose the one that is good for his or her room. You can create a compelling space inside your room by using the best dividers. Look at the below ideas so that you know how to enhance the beauty of your room by using the room dividers.

 White 4 Panel Room Divider

Let Your Room Divider Carry Some Artworks

Besides excellent and attractive colours, the room divider should have an artwork. It could be on natural objects, cities or even animals as long as it is well painted on the wall, it will enhance the beauty of your room. You can order for customised image to be painted on your room divider so that it becomes the way you want it to be. Don’t install a basic room divider; let it be unique and special to make your inner space wonderful.

 New York Room Divider- 3 Panel

Your Room Divider Should Have Storage Space

Owing to the fact that room dividers start from the floor to the ceiling, they can serve as good storage materials if they are made with shelves or cabinets. This will help you to increase space in your room since it will enable you to store things. When your room divider has storage space, it will be double functioning, partitioning your room while at the same time acting as a storage space for your things. Your room’s neatness will be enhanced, and you will live in an open area with fresh air and maximum ambience.

 Shelving Room Dividers

Let It Fit in Your Room Perfectly

The best room divider should fit in your room as if it was architecturally designed with the walls. It should not show signs of being a separate wall because that will compromise its beauty and attractiveness. To make sure that your room divider fit well, make sure that you get a customised size that will fit into your room perfectly. You can take the measurements of your room and take them to the room dividers manufacturer so that a typical room divider is created for your room. The room divider should be made from high-quality materials that are also shinny and attractive.

 White Shelving Room Dividers

The bottom line is that room dividers can really help you to make your room elegant and with meaningful space. Creativity matters a lot when selecting the best room divider which is why you should plan well and decide perfectly the kind of room dividers that you want. You can even ask the expert interior designers to help you in deciding the best kind of dividers to put in your rooms. Watching videos about room dividers designs can also help you to know the best kind of room divider to install in your room.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 23, 2017

Essential Advice When Choosing the Size of the Room Divider

The size of the room divider plays an important factor in its efficiency and usability.  When buying a screen divider, it is important to take the accurate measurement of its length and height.  In the event that you purchase a divider that is too large for your space then it will look bulky and it will take the entire space of the room.  The height of the dividers can range from 4ft-8ft which can be suitable for different functions.  The lengths, on the other hand, can start from 6 feet and extend up to 24 feet depending on your needs.

  4 Panel White Room Divider

Guide on the Different Size of the Room Dividers

Choosing the right configuration, number and size for your room dividers may sound a bit overwhelming, but we will make it a lot easier for you.  When contacting a reliable supplier of screen divider, you only need to tell them your purpose of buying the divider and they can recommend an array of divider, that would address your condition.

 Oriental Room divider screens - 4 panel

The Purpose of the Room Divider

Finding the right size of the room divider would depend upon its purpose.  For instance, if you are looking for a divider that will significantly decrease the noise and give you privacy, the screen divider that extends from ceiling to floor would be the perfect choice.  For places like library where they just need to divide the reading area, a small decorative divider will be sufficient.    Shorter types of dividers are ideal for dividing spaces that does not require any privacy.  It is also recommended for dividing spaces that requires an ambient light and ample vision.  In case you are using it to create an angle at the corner of your room for decorative purposes, the divider that is around 6-7 feet will suffice.

 6 Panel Wicker Room Divider Screen

The Space

Your space will basically determine the length of your room divider.  When you have a small room, there are small screen dividers that will not take a considerable amount of space.  For those with a restricted space, be sure to purchase the divider with minimum length.  In case you are not sure about the measurement of your space, you may choose a divider that comes with hinges which allows you to widen or shorten your screen divider.

 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider


For individuals who have no idea on how to choose their room dividers, you may consult the manufacturer, and they can guide you in choosing the right size of divider based on your needs.  They can also personalise the design and layout of your divider especially if the room is constructed in a unique manner.  Most of them have a background on building trade and architecture that allows them to understand the best way to use the space.

 White 3 panel room screen

There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to room dividers.  Perhaps you have special needs due to your goal or due to the design of your house.  Make sure that you are choosing the size of the screen divider that is based on your unique specifications and needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 21, 2017

Room Dividers: The Best Idea to Create More Space

Most of people would definitely prefer to gain some extra space in their house. There are many houses where the room arrangement is not very convenient, and some alterations are necessary. With that in mind, you might end up overlooking some of the details because you love the rest of the house. In case you have a large living room, then you can make something with the additional space. You can use room dividers and take advantage of their qualities by creating another room.

 4 Panel Room Divider

How to Divide your Room

Appropriate for any space, room dividers are ideal for you. Find the perfect room divider for your room and choose among a wide variety of room dividers. Even if you need some additional space in your office, then you can definitely use a room divider there as well.

 6 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Add to your Space a Decorative Touch

Room dividers can be also used for decorative purposes only. You do not have to add them into your space only if you need an additional room. Find the room divider that best suit your style and preferences. Offer to your room its personal style and character by selecting a room divider that blends harmonically with the rest of room.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Room Dividers into Children’s Bedrooms

Choose a room divider for your children’s bedroom, and enhance the space. Especially if you have more than one children, but only one room, room dividers is the perfect solution in order to divide the room. Make your children feel comfortable into their own privacy, by dividing their room in half. This way, they will appreciate their personal space, while still being able to play together.

3 Panel Room Divider 

Even if you have only one child, room dividers can also help you for the child’s room. By putting a room divider, you can divide the space and place all the toys behind the divider, making the room look cleaner and neater at all times. Here, you can find a wide range of children’s room dividers to choose from.

 6 Panel Room Divider

Room Dividers in your Work Space

You will find that room dividers can be quite practical, especially in your work space. If the price range of large offices is unreachable, then you can always rent a smaller office. Just add some room dividers between the offices and serve like a stylish wall that separates each work space. There are many modern dividers to choose from that are absolutely appropriate for your working environment. Your working space will be more practical and fun at the same time.


All employees will be able to have their very own space, without having to spend large amount of money in larger, already divided rooms. If your work has anything to do with regular testing, room dividers will serve this purpose. Choose a room divider and divide the people who are being tested each time.

 4 Panel Folding Screen



Written by Lisa Williams — May 19, 2017

6 Awesome Purposes for Room Dividers

Having a large open space and the need to create more space or rooms is one of the many reasons you may need room dividers. The benefit of these partitions is they come in different sizes, materials, designs and colours to suit anyone's preferences. They have become popular as a convenient way to create more rooms without having to spend a lot of money. 

 4 Panel Room Divider

Reasons for Using Room Dividers

There is a multitude of reasons you would like to create more rooms. It could be that you need to create a study room, create an extra room in your office, an extra bedroom, a meeting room, temporary classrooms or even a multipurpose room. It all comes down to what you want. 

 6 Panel Wicker Room Divider

Things to Consider

There are various things that you should consider before purchasing room dividers. Such as how easy that room divider is to configure, the cost, the amount of space that you need to create and the material.

 4 Panel Oriental Room Divider

How Easy Is the Room Divider Easy to Configure

One of thing you can consider is how easy it is to configure the room dividers. If you cannot figure them, there is no point in having them. One great feature to be on the lookout for is if they have proprietary position controllers. The controllers help in holding the panels in place once you position the room dividers. Some of those with these controllers have a locking latch that holds the panels securely.

 4 Panel Room Screen

Can They Be Used in An Uneven Surface?

It could be that you want to partition an area with an uneven surface. This is something that you should not worry about since the best room dividers come with self-levelling casters.  These wheels ensure stability. This means that you can use them outdoors.

 5 Panel Folding Screen

A Room Divider Can Be Used Anywhere

This is an economical way to transform a large space into several small ones. When you see a room divider anywhere, just know that it has more advantages than using a permanent wall. They are used in schools, hospitals, offices, health centres, conferences, religious facilities and in homes. Event in events, they are widely used since they are convenient and affordable.

 3 Panel Room Screen

Advantages of Using Room Dividers

A room divider will not leave permanent marks on your floor and walls. They come in over 30 sizes, materials and prices. This means that there is something for everyone. Most of them are pre-assembled to make it easier for you to position them; they improve the appearance of a space and are durable. They can easily be removed when not needed. This has proved to be the best option to have a temporary wall.

 Room Dividers

You can always get the room dividers that you want considering they come in different designs, colours and sizes among other features. They come fully assembled thus all you need to do is configure them which are easy. With most having superior sound absorption, they can be used in any environment.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 17, 2017

Choosing the Ideal Room Dividers for Your Situation - Room Dividers UK

Whether in the house, school, conference or business, there are instances when you want to temporarily transform a large space into smaller rooms.  Creating a permanent wall is just a silly solution since you will not utilise this for a prolonged period.  In this kind of situation, room dividers are your ideal solution.  However, with so many choices in the market, which type of divider is the perfect choice for you?

 3 Panel Folding Screen

Different Types of Room Divider

The popularity of room divider has increased over these past few years.  It adds functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room.


Screen Dividers

Screen divider is the decorative approach to create a room partition.  There is a huge selection of screen types in the market.  They are normally lightweight which makes it easy for you to reuse, rearrange and move them.  There are screen room dividers that have a single panel and have support feet at the base; others have more than one panel that is connected with a zigzag fold.  The materials used in manufacturing the screen divider can also vary.    The traditional type is usually made from fabric.  There are also modern types that are made from leather, wood, metal, glass, plastic and plant fibres which are attached to a metal or wood frame.  There are also frames with blank canvas which is ideal for creative people who love DIY projects.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Positioning the screen room divider strategically will make it a great alternative to various window treatments like curtain or blinds.  Screen dividers that are made from papers such as shoji screen would allow an ample light to pass through.  They can also provide us privacy or conceal an unsightly part of our home while adding elegance and colour to the room.


Portable Panels

When you visit a business conference, school, church or hotel, you will most possibly found portable panels.  This location needs to temporarily divide their large space; however, their particular needs can change invariably.  Strong and sturdy walls will not be the best solution for them.  When looking for portable room dividers, there are different types to choose from, and it is important to consider the style and the manufacturer.  You should also pay attention to the length and the height of the panels.  The taller type of portable panel will reduce the noise, create a more private space and block the ambient light.


Sliding Panels

The sliding room divider is permanent fixture.  This is the excellent choice for people who want to divide a large area.  Normally, they will be mounted on your wall and will be fitted in the runners that are attached on the floors and ceilings.  This can extend from the ceiling to the floor which will reduce the amount of noise considerably.  They are perfect solution for banquet halls and schools that does not require flexibility.

 Sliding Shoji Room Screen

Regardless if you are a businessman who wants to add functionality to a large space or if you are a home owner who needs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their house, the room divider will perfectly fit your individual needs.


3 Panel Room Divider

Written by Enam Hasan — May 15, 2017

6 Easy Ways to Divide a Studio Apartment into Rooms

Studio apartments can be a great option if you are looking to save money on your rent, or enjoy open floor plans. However, they pose the challenge of how to create ‘rooms’ when there is only one large room. There are many cheap tricks that you can use, like room dividers to create smaller areas in a studio apartment. Here are just a few ways that you can divide a studio apartment into more than one room.

 6 Panel folding room divider

  1. Envision a floor plan that includes ‘door’ ways

Before you rush out to buy room dividers, you should know the type of spaces that you want to create in your apartment. You should plan where the dining room, living room, and bedroom are going to be, and how much space is needed for each one.  You also need to remember that you need room to walk between the rooms. This means that you need to pick the right sized furniture and room dividers for the space you have.

 Black Room Screen

  1. A Curtain can be used as a Room Divider

When you are living in a small apartment, every inch counts. A curtain can make a great room divider because it takes up no floor space and provides the privacy that you want. They are also easy to open and close with one hand. Curtains are very easy to install.

 Bamboo room divider

  1. Create a Floating Closet

Closet space is limited in many small apartments, and some of them have no closets at all. A floating closet can act as storage space and a room divider. This can create a lot of storage, depending on the way that the closet is made.


  1. Use the Couch as a Room Divider

In most small apartments, the largest piece of furniture next to the bed is the couch. Couches can easily be used as a room divider because of their size and boxy shape. This is one of the simplest and most used tricks for dividing a studio apartment when you are on a budget.

 Couch as a room divider

  1. Remove the Clutter

Fitting different living areas into only one room is a tall order. Even the best floor plans and room designs will not help is your apartment is full of items. This is why it is the key to remove any clutter and keep your apartment organised. Keep items that you need in your apartment. Items that you want to keep but does not need at the moment should be moved into storage. The rest should be donated, sold, or given away.


  1. Bar Cart

You do not need a room divider to separate your kitchen from the rest of the space. If you need more storage and want to divide the space just a bit, a bar cart is a great option. It also provides more counter space.

 Bar Cart as room divider

Adding even one room divider in a studio apartment can break up the space into usable areas. Studio apartments’ open floor plans can be confusing when you first look at them, but you can easily make a cosy home for yourself using room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 13, 2017

Room Dividers – Convenient Solutions for Different Situations

We live in a world, which is particularly dynamic. There are no doubts about it. With this in mind, there are still some things, which are particularly traditional yet, somehow incredibly relevant. Originating in ancient China, room dividers have been used to conveniently separate living space amongst a range of other things. With this in mind, it is important to understand that the usage of these appropriate solutions has been significantly enhanced.

Chinese Room Divider 

With this in mind, in the contemporary world, room dividers have an extraordinary field of application. They are used in both commercial and residential buildings and spaces and are capable of fulfilling a range of different purposes.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Separating Rooms

Of course, this is the most typical and traditional, yet particularly convenient and contemporary usage of room dividers. The truth is that the prices of real estate in the UK are growing up quickly. This is a global tendency, and it has a significant impact on different people. With this in mind, it is not always possible to afford purchasing a home with separate bedrooms for both of your kids.

 3 Panel folding screen

This is one of the most common scenarios. However, it is important to understand that this is something incredibly useful. Room dividers offer an efficient and cost-saving method of dividing a room in two, providing privacy and comfort to both of your kids. All this without having to make a mess related to potential repair works and anything else of the kind.


Navigating Foot Traffic

Another very common usage for room dividers in commercial spaces is to navigate foot traffic. Usual handlebars are particularly typical and unoriginal. You can take advantage of comprehensive and beautifully designed dividers, which are certainly going to fulfil this task flawlessly.


This is one unusual but particularly effective method of handling this issue. What is more, you can use these dividers in order to either fend off or drive attention to certain parts of the room. This is something incredibly useful and highly effective.

 6 Panel Room Divider screen

Change Rooms

Do you own a clothes shop? Are you struggling with coming up with a way to separate beautiful, private and yet space-efficient change rooms? Many storeowners would hate to waste that entire space, and they would try to come up with something as an alternative. This is where room dividers appear. There are quite a lot of different designs that you can take advantage of in order to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest standards. Make sure that you pick the one, which is suitable for the overall interior of your store, and one, which will complement it properly.


In any case, there are quite a lot of different things that you might want to take into account if you want to take advantage of a room divider. There are quite a lot of purposes that they can serve, and that is definitely something for you to be aware of.


3 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — May 11, 2017

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Advantages of Using Room Dividers

Room dividers are used as temporary walls in a home or an office. They come in handy when you want to partition a room without putting up a permanent wall....

Guide on Making Shoji Room Dividers

The Shoji screen is a type of sliding room dividers in the average Japanese homes.  They can be used to add some privacy to a room while still allowing the...

Room Dividers – Things to Consider

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