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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Factors to Consider Before Buying Room Dividers

Room dividers are necessary when you want to define functional areas in a room with small space. They are also a nice idea of using the small space efficiently to save on the cost of renting more space. When choosing a room divider, you should be careful to make sure you get material that will work for your room. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing room dividers.

 Room Dividers

Where Are You Using the Room Divider?

You will agree with me that room dividers meant for a residential building are sometimes different from the room dividers used by office managers. Therefore, before buying readymade room dividers, you need to make sure it will suit the place where you want to use it. For a business or office setting, you need to go for an executive look. For the residential building room divider, the executive look might not be necessary; you just need something that will work for your home. Therefore you will go for design and other factors.


What is the Function of the Space to be divided?

If you want to divide a residential room, there are different functions for the separate rooms divided. Therefore the room divider should suit the purpose so as to avoid a situation where you are buying a room divider that will not serve you well. For instance, if you want a room divider so that you can use the space as a bedroom, privacy is number one you need to make sure the material used and the dimensions of the room divider are appropriate for this.


In an office or commercial use setting, probably you want one room to be used by a separate or different company. Obvious each one of them wants privacy and a quiet working environment. So you need to go for soundproof material and at the same time material that allows privacy in terms of seeing through.




Cost of the Room Divider

Different room dividers will come at a different cost depending on various factors. For example, a wooden room divider might be cheaper than the glass room dividers. However, it depends on the type of wood used and also the thickness of the glass material. So, you need to be prepared to pay the cost of the material you want to use. Before requesting a room divider company to fit in a room dividers in your building, you need to be sure that the budget has already been allocated to avoid the inconveniences that might be caused if you order for the material you can`t afford.

 Room Dividers

Duration of Time Needed to Be Used

If you need a room divider that will serve for years, you should go for the most durable solution. However, if you just need to use the room divider once in a week, you can go for a temporal solution that will cost you less amount. You should, however, consider the other factors before choosing.


Room dividers are easier to install and might be more cost-effective for renters, and therefore most people prefer them to renting more space.  Choose your service provider wisely to avoid regret. Room Dividers UK are the market leaders in providing high quality room divider screens.

Written by Lisa Williams — November 01, 2017

Different Features to Look For In Room Dividers

When choosing room dividers, the different features will inform you if the room divider you are purchasing will serve the intended purpose in your room. Here are some of the features to look for when you are buying room divider.

 Room Dividers

Sound Proof Features

When you are dividing a room, it is important to determine if you want to go for soundproof material. This is because there are some materials that will not provide for soundproof. In a commercial building, you may be dividing the room so that different companies can occupy the subdivisions. The general rule is that you have to go for soundproof material. This is because the companies will want to have some quiet environment when working to avoid distractions when in meetings or when there is a lot of noise emanating from the other side.

 Room Dividers

Light Penetration in A room

Will the material you want to use as room divider provide for natural light penetration in the other room? Generally, this is because you might use a material that makes the room too dark during the day, and therefore you end up spending more in power bills used in lighting. This affects the overall operations cost in a company. So, this has to go into consideration when you are looking for room divider for your house.

 Room Dividers

If the room will be used during the day, you need to go for a translucent material that will allow light to penetrate through the room. This is particularly for commercial building room dividers. However, in some rooms, you might not need a lot of light like in a storage place that is rarely in use. Here, you can go for any room divider material because the lighting needed is for only a few minutes and the effect on power bill is negligible.

 Room Dividers

Do You Want Permanent or Temporary Room Divider?

Room dividers will generally be used mostly when you need temporal subdivision. Either because you are having a temporal function or you want to accommodate some people for a short period of time. However, there are some materials that will provide permanent subdivision in a room. They are cheaper than building a permanent wall and therefore some people will prefer them.

 Room Dividers

Privacy in the Room

If you want extra privacy, then you will need material that does not allow sound to pass through and also that does not allow light to penetrate. If you are not concerned about the privacy features you can use the simple room sub dividers.


Room Decorators

It is good to make sure that the room looks good and this is by using decorative room dividers. Some will allow you to be more creative and you can include artwork on the room divider, and you can as well paint the room divider. There are various attractive designs that are used on room dividers, and they make the room look nice and attractive.

 Room Dividers

At room dividers, you will find all the different designs and features of room dividers that are suitable for commercial and residential buildings.

Written by Lisa Williams — October 13, 2017

Reasons to Choose Portable Room Dividers

Room dividers can offer a simple and practical solution to your common worries related to the planning of a particular space. By opting for a portable divider to create a partition on the space, you will be able to achieve an instant result without the significant construction activity. Aside from being a useful part of your planning, it also has decorative purposes, and it can serve as the main accent of your room.

 Room Dividers

Top Reasons to Choose Portable Room Divider


Here are some of the reasons that will convince you to settle for the best decorative room dividers.


Perfect for Organising Activities

Rather than opting for a permanent wall to divide a wall and create smaller rooms, you will be able to achieve flexibility and the functionality of the large space by choosing a portable room divider. These dividers can be a great help when dividing the room to organise various activities. It can also be an ideal tool to divide a large study area to create a reading space and smaller study area. This allows you to conduct an array of activities in the same space. This will help you keep the room organised and maintain its neatness.


Visual Screening

Room dividers can also be used to screen off the spaces visually and offer some privacy. They are offered in different heights and made from different screening materials which provide a different level of privacy. Adding screen dividers in the entrance of your house will give you a small area to welcome the visitors without fully exposing your entire home interiors. You can also introduce some changes in your bedroom area by adding a privacy screen divider.

 Room Dividers

Adjust and Change the Layout

Room dividers can be wall mounted or fixed type. There are also screen dividers that are free standing which allows you to move it without any issue. By simply moving the room divider, you will be able to create various spatial patterns. There are also folding type that will allow the entire area to look undivided during certain occasions. By keeping the folding divider collapsed when you don’t need it, you will be able to prevent any distraction and obstruction during the daytime. It is a more affordable option to alter the decoration of your home interior.


The Decorative Purposes

The room divider is a vertical, levelled surface that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. They are available in different materials that will complement any type of interior design. Their styles and decoration may range from elaborate to functional. Screen dividers can be used to control the light and improve the ambiance of your room. There are also glass dividers that can be etched or frosted. The wooden type of divider is also a popular option.


Room dividers are an effective way of creating a partition on a large space and keeping it organised. It is also a less expensive option. With the huge selection of screen dividers that are available in different styles and patterns, you will be able to change the decoration of your room and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Written by Lisa Williams — September 14, 2017

How About Making your House More Stylish with Room Dividers

We all have the need to change a little our interior design, once in a while. Of course, this means that you have to spend a significant amount of money in order to find some new stylish furniture or even change the colour in the walls. If you don’t have this type of budget on your mind, do not despair.


There are some clever solutions that will help you change the style of your house, with the minimum possible cost. Choose a stylish room divider for your living room or any other place in your house and enhance your personal style just like that.

 Room Divider

Bring to your Living Room a New Room

If your house has a big living room that has no particular purpose, then the room dividers will do the trick for you. Instead of having a wide space that do not work for you, you can now simply cut the room in half and make another cosy corner that will enable you to make the most out of your house. This new room is a whole new space for you to be creative and add everything you want.


It can be a study area or a cosy corner with big pillows for you and your friends to hang out. Room dividers will give you the opportunity to completely change the way your house actually looks.

 Room Divider

Work from Home

If your work is from your own house, and you don’t go to an office, then this is the perfect opportunity to create your own private professional space. Keep your business and your personal time separate with a room divider that will offer you the chance to have some privacy from your family when you want to work.


It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t have any walls or door. The rest of your family will always get the message, once you start working in this new space of yours. You don’t even have to put a desk in it. Just a big chair with a coffee table could work for you.

 Room Dividers

Add Some Light in Your House

Instead of bringing a big tall wall in your room, the room divider will enable you to separate the space, without cutting off the natural light that comes into your house. Allow the sun light to reach every corner of your house and use room dividers instead. You will enjoy it once you start working behind a room divider that will bring to you all the natural sun light.


Online Sales

Take a look at the website of all these stylish room dividers and finds the ones that will work best in your own house. There is no doubt that you will find many of them that will match your own personal style. Match the room divider with the colours of the wall in order to create the illusion of an additional wall.

Written by Lisa Williams — September 07, 2017

Commercial Room Dividers Buying Guide

In case you are managing a business, you should treat your commercial area as a sacred space. You are spending a considerable amount of waking hours in your business. It is also the spot where you conduct your important work communicate with employees, clients, and customers and look for the best solution for common woes. You need to ensure that your business space is ideal to perform all these tasks. This guide will teach you on how to take advantage of your business space by using the right commercial room dividers.

 Room Dividers

Tips in Choosing the Right Commercial Room Divider

Here are some of the tips that you need to remember if you are looking for the right room divider that will help you maximise your space.


The Type

Depending on the nature of your business, there is a room divider that is ideal for you. For instance, if you are looking for a divider that will create a partition on the working space, office divider will provide you with convenience and flexibility. Here are other options that you need to consider.


  • Conference Room Divider- In case you are planning to create a conference room, there is a myriad of selection of divider in the market. Some of them come with a locking caster that will keep them secured. They can also be used indoor or outdoor which makes them ideal if your business is conducting an outdoor event.


  • Classroom Dividers- In case you are running a classroom, you may want to look for room dividers that will not only divide the room but will also block the noise, and will be secured in place.


 Classroom Divider


In case you are looking for the visual barrier, the office divider that offers a desirable size will provide the best solution. It is a one-panel divider that is perfect for creating presentation or conference area. There are also multi-panel designs that can meet your different needs. There are also segments that are flexible that allows the room divider to take different shapes. Some of them also come with 360-degree rotation capacity which provides an unmatched customisation. You should also pay attention to the panel counts. Their width can go up to 25 feet, and their height measures up to 90 inches.


The Style

You may choose for a telescope-style or accordion-style room divider. The accordion-style allows you to adjust the divider into different shapes while the telescope-style can create a continuous wall. The accordion style is an adaptable divider; however, it cannot create an unbroken straight wall.

 Accordion Room Divider


Room dividers also come with different options such as portability, adjustable shape and width, whiteboard surface, sound control, tack-a-board surface and other functional features. Most dividers that can adjust their width and shape have an accordion-style. You should also pay attention to the surface and make sure that it can expand the functionality of the divider. For instance, a divider that has white board surface will allow you to use it for presentation during meetings.


These are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for commercial room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — September 01, 2017

Partition Your Room or Office in the Most Convenient Way Using Room Dividers

Today as an office or home owner, you no longer have to worry about damaging the floors or the walls when you want to create a new room. Ugly cubicle style room dividers in offices are a thing of the past. There are different types depending on the room divider that you want. The most affordable and practical way to create an extra room is through the use of room dividers. They are appealing to the eyes and convenient to the users.

 Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Offices

You probably need to create rooms for your employees, or you need to create your own small office. One benefit or room dividers is that there are those that are specifically designed such as those for business environments. To create an extra room in the office, you will not need extensive modification, expenses or weeks to complete the work. In less than a day, you will have the room installed. 


Room dividers for residential places

If you are a tenant and you would like to create more room in the rented house, you do not need to get into trouble with your landlord, use room dividers. Besides getting into trouble with your landlord, you could end up losing your security deposit. The best solution to create more space is to get a room divider that matches the theme of your house. 

 Room Dividers

Benefits of Room Dividers 

They are sturdy thus no being bothered about a room divider crumbling down. Besides this, they fit in any environment whether it's a business environment, a residential space or outdoors. This is because they come in many styles and designs that blends well with any environment. They can be customised by painting them as per user's preferences. Some room dividers have amazingly been designed to include features such as windows, closets and even doors. This is to suit different tastes and styles.

Can One Add Accessories to Room Dividers?


Yes, this is quite possible, and it is done professionally. You can add windows; French doors, insulation and glass doors among others.


How Strong Are the Room Dividers?

Room dividers are sturdy, and the beauty of this is that you will not spend money on nails, screws of special harnesses. Professionals use pressure to make them stay in place. The length of the wall and the height of the ceiling are the only important things you need to have in advance. They are sturdy as they are fixed professionally.

 Room Dividers

The most important reason for using a room divider in any room is to create privacy. If you would require privacy in your room or office, go for the dividers that act as wall partitions. They take less time to install and are sturdy which means you do not have to worry about them breaking down. If you have exact layouts and specifications, you do not have to worry about this since they can be made according to the specifications.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 26, 2017

The History of Room Dividers

Since ancient times the eastern cultures have thought of the efficient way of managing their spaces through the use of room dividers. Dating back centuries ago the first room divider originates around 2400 years ago in China. Their main function was to both split a specific area as well as decorate it beautifully. In ancient times, only the most successful part of the population was able to afford them as they were considered a work of art. Unlike the flexibility of room dividers in modern times, their ancient predecessors were huge, quite sizeable, often weighted a lot and were simply unable to move as it was too difficult, making them stagnant at a specific place.

 Chinese Room Divider

The Development of Room Dividers

As time passed, the Japanese quickly “stole” the mesmerising interior item and managed to improve it. Just two centuries later they introduced a variety of different folding screens. They were quite portable, and their weight was much lighter, due to the new materials which the Japanese produced the room dividers from. That allow for the screens to be flexible and portable, easy to move per the convenience of the customers. They were widely spread among the public in both private events such as tea ceremonies as well as public performances, used as theatre decoration allowing the stage to be split between the actors to show different actions. The latter is still often utilised even in modern days as it allows splitting the story lines for the audience.


How were they able to transform the room divider, you might think? It was quite simple. The Japanese used a strong core for the foundation of the decoration and then covered it with layers of different materials, most common was paper, which was tightly bound together to improve its quality. That enabled to remove the gaps between the panels and made the room divider much lighter, as it was no longer built with such massive material, but still provided the same features and high quality that originated from the Chinese.


Western World Room Dividers

Looking back, it took the western world around twenty centuries to catch up the mesmerising screen. As Europeans began travelling to the eastern world in the fifteenth century, they often came back with a room divider. As word quickly spread among the public, the item became one of the most imported goods at its time until the Europeans decided to start producing them on their own. There were those produced out of wood, but the Europeans added a new dimension to the item, utilising silk, mirrors, and embroidery in the room divider granting it with a certain type of class and prestige.

Room Dividers Screens 

In modern days the room divider could be used from splitting and organising your home easily, per your convenience in just a matter of minutes, to differentiating an office space or give the privacy of patients in hospitals. As the public adopted the screen, it also managed to find new purposes to be utilised.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 19, 2017

Spice Things Up with Some New Rooms Dividers

If you have a creative side in you that you want to bring out to your own space as well, then there are some things that you can do without having to spend much. Select a stylish room divider for every kind of room in your house. You can add some space in your house or use it for decorative reasons alone.

 4 Panel Room Dividers

Room dividers are able to create the illusion of additional space wherever you place them. Take a look at the amazing selection and find the ones that completely match your personal style as well as the rest of your house’s decoration.


Room Dividers Everywhere

A room divider doesn’t necessarily have to go in a living room. You can easily pick on for your working space and create some additional place inside your own office. In case you have glass doors and walls, a room divider can offer you a sense of privacy. Even if you are sharing your office with other people, room dividers have the amazing trait of offering to people extra privacy on their professional space. Your co-workers will also love your initiative.


Perhaps you will find out that the room divider will actually make you more functional in your work. Being able to be alone with your thoughts without having to make eye contact with everyone will definitely help you concentrate more in your work.


Decorative Screen

Numerous Options


Once you visit the official site, you will find that there are countless room dividers that are able to fit every personal style and preference. Even if there is no practical need for a room divider, you may find out that it goes perfectly with the rest of your personal style inside your house.


Room Dividers for Children

Even your children would appreciate some type of privacy in their rooms. If you have two children and one room, then a room divider can make a huge difference. Split the room in half and allow them to separate their stuff and play on their own when they want to. Find some playful colours and add a room divider in their room.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Room Dividers UK

Take a look at the amazing variety of room dividers on the online store and find the ones best suited to your preferences. Numerous different styles and designs are available to you in the most advantageous rates and prices. If you are living in the United Kingdom, then the delivery time is for free and it can only take one business day.

 Room Dividers UK

Online Reviews

There are many online reviews from former customers, and you can find many useful comments that will help you make up your mind. Choose the best room dividers, and you will receive them as soon as possible. Enhance your personal or professional space, and save up some money on your decoration.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 12, 2017

Guide in Choosing the Appropriate Room Divider for Your Office

In case your office has a restricted area designated for working, using room divider will help you take advantage of the limited space. This can provide privacy and incorporate a dash of creativity to your office. However, looking for the right screen divider can be a struggle especially once you find out the different options available in the market.

 Oriental Room Screen

Things to Consider When Looking For the Right Room Divider for Your Office

Here are some of the factors that you need to look into before you settle on a particular room divider. This will guarantee that you will enjoy the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of the divider and will be a great addition to your office space.

 3 Wicker Room Divider

The Types

During the early years, the types of room dividers screens to choose from are fairly limited; however, as time passes by there have been new additions to the kinds of dividers such as the Expanding Divider and the Mobile Partition. Here are some of the dividers that will be a perfect fit for your office space.


  • Acoustic Mobile Room Dividers Screens- This type of dividers is flexible and folding. They can also be expanded to instantly modify your working space. They have a straight model and the 360 model which allow you to create a meeting space. This can create room partition while secluding the space from exterior noises. The standard option has a shade of blue and gray but there are also creative and coloured versions.

 Acoustic Mobile Room Dividers

  • Privacy Screen- This type of mobile room divider is smaller and can be managed easily compared to the Acoustic mobile divider. Compared to other types of divider that is primarily intended to create space, this focus more on creating privacy and suppressing the unwanted noises which makes it a great addition to your office. This is a great solution if you want to divide a space for a temporary event.


Privacy Screen


  • Operable Walls- Installation of this non-conventional room divider is a bit expensive. It allows you to expand and divide a room by simply sliding the walls. They are available in sliding glass, accordion doors and a lot more.

Operable Walls - Room Divider 

The Needs of Your Office

Your employee might need some privacy to successfully complete his task which is why it is essential to look for a room divider that offers an unmatched privacy. However, you should never disregard comfort when looking for the right divider. Make sure that it has proper ventilation and that it allows the light to pass through.


The Size

It is essential that you will choose a room divider that is proportionate to the size of your office space. Make sure that you can still move freely. Measure first the complete dimension of your office, and you may start your research from there. You may also arrange it properly to make the space look more spacious.


Finally, since you are a business, you need to look for a room divider that provides you with brand identity and aesthetic value. Look for the divider that can add glamour and elegance to your company. It should be able to lighten the mood and increase the productivity of the company.

5 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — August 06, 2017

3 Tips to Increase the Elegance of Your Room by Using Room Dividers

Room dividers have been used widely to partition rooms so that spaces can easily be identified. When used appropriately, room dividers can make a room have a spectacular appearance and increased ambience. They come in different designs and designs and quality, therefore, one should choose appropriately to get the one with the best design and quality. You can even ask for customisation of the room divider to make it fit nicely into your room. But apart from serving as partitioning objects, how can the room dividers be used to enhance the marvellous look of a room?

 4 Panel Room Divider

  1. Buy the Most Fitting Room Divider

One of the tips to make a room shine by installing a room divider is to ensure that you install a well-fitting room divider. This is to make it rhyme with the walls and ensure that it does not appear like a separate structure from walls. You can take your house measurements and present it to the room divider manufacturer so that you get the best and typical room divider that will fit in your room. Besides being fitting, its firmness when installed also makes it to serve efficiently without falling down.


  1. Find Room Dividers That Have Colours Which Match With Your Room Theme

You know the theme of your room and you know what rhymes with it. Don’t just buy a room divider that will offer space division only but something that will give your room a compelling appearance. Consider the colour of your walls, the colour of your seats and the colour of your carpet so that you determine the appropriate colour of your room divider. This will make a uniform room theme that will not only make your room to appear attractive but it also depict a sense of ‘’being organised’’.

 Oak Panel Room Divider Screen

  1. Look for the Perfect Design

Room dividers come in many designs, some are panel like, some are made with storage spaces, some are made from wood and others are made in form of mirrors. You have the autonomy to choose a room divider that has a design that pleases you. Depending on what you prefer, you should ensure that the room divider will match your room and its design will add to the spectacular look of your room. The place where the divider is going to be applied also determines the design one should buy. For example, if you are going to install the divider in a place where there are a lot of children, you should select a robust design that will not break easily even when shaken or climbed.


The bottom line is that you can increase the attractiveness of your room by using the room dividers. Just make sure that you plan well, know the kind of room divider to install and choose the appropriate size that will fit into your room. It is also good to examine your room and know all the characteristics so that you choose a typical room divider that fits and match in your room.

New York Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — August 03, 2017

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Room Dividers

Room dividers are necessary when you want to define functional areas in a room with small space. They are also a nice idea of using the small space efficiently to...

Different Features to Look For In Room Dividers

When choosing room dividers, the different features will inform you if the room divider you are purchasing will serve the intended purpose in your room. Here are some of the...

Reasons to Choose Portable Room Dividers

Room dividers can offer a simple and practical solution to your common worries related to the planning of a particular space. By opting for a portable divider to create a...