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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you are searching a different material in order to replace the old folding screens, then the Glass folding screen is the best option for you. You know, these are widely used in the new constructions and also in the remodeling project. Glass material gains so much of popularity because of its visual appeal and its durability. Whether you require Frameless systems, curved one or the folding screens, you can make use of the glass for almost all the types of design.

Is the Glass folding screens are safe to use?

It is one of the important concerns that every customer has while they are selecting the product. But you need to get worried about this because these folding screen are designed by using tempered safety glass. Tempered glass is very hard in order to break, in case, if it gets a break it will not go to separate into large spiky pieces. Rather than, it breaks into pebbles like piece with the significantly low danger of injury. It means these types of folding screens are very safe to use without getting any type of injuries.

Advantages of using Glass folding screens

In addition to the safety and flexibility in the design features, these types of product provide advantages for the user such as: -

  • Here, you need not require an expert in order to install
  • It is very easy to maintain and clean
  • It helps to transform the look of the interior
  • Yu can also make use of this in the bathroom, it helps in no pesky puddles, drafts or leakage of water appearing on the floor

Another advantage of this type of interior product is it is available in different looks. It can be transparent in order to offer an open feel to the hall or it can be frosted, offering the bedroom area more opaque appearance and intensifying the level of the privacy. You can also make use of the acid etching designs. This type of folding screen is practical and affordable in order to use in the interior design. Ensure that, it can also customize based on your function and style preferences.

Glass folding screens are really most attractive and practical option for your home. These are various kinds of products are available on the market that involve hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed panel. Ensure that, the panels can be either Frameless or framed with the help of metal. But all these products are customized according to your needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 08, 2016

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