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Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

AS you all know, the folding screens usually contain 2 fundamental parts such as the screen and the frame. When it comes to the matter of frame it is generally designed either with the help wood to make them lightweight or with a metal that helps to make the construction sturdier. If you are searching a folding screen, then selecting the one which is suitable for your needs and budget is really crucial, because these types of folding screens not only help to intensify the beauty of the interior design, but also its function.

This means if you place the folding screens behind the sofa, then it serves as a backdrop and it also helps to intensify the beauty or you can keep this in at the corner of the home it serves as an extra storage place, there you can keep stored the unwanted things.

Various types of folding screens to beautify the home

  • Cloth folding screens

These types of folding screens are usually not vulnerable to the moisture compared to the paper folding screens. If this screen gets wet, you need not get worried because it can be dried easily. This is essential because the moisture usually influences in households. When it comes, it completely based on the type of cloth that you use. Most of the people suggest that silk cloth is the best one among other fabrics because it permits the ventilation and it is very effective in concealment to compare to another type of fabrics.


  • Paper folding screens

One of the major advantages of using this type of folding screens is it is lightweight. This means that you need not put more effort in order to move this screen from one place to another. By using this folding screens you can able to rearrange them and transform the look of the room completely based on your desire. Most of the people will love this folding screen because they are a lot cheaper compared to other types of materials.


  • Glass folding screens

It is one of the best folding screens are glass screens because it is quite rigid and easy to clean. But, the glass is usually fragile, so it is better ensured that the frame of the folding screens is constructed solidly or not. It is one of the best folding screens among all because it offers more privacy for the people.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 11, 2016

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