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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

When you are searching for Room Divider, there is a tendency that you will be overwhelmed with the huge assortments that are available in the market.  Most people tend to be clueless about the specification of room dividers UK and thought that every piece in just similar and only serves a definitive purpose of creating a partition.  However, different room dividers have different specifications and have a lot of purposes.  The materials used in the production of room divider also play a part in the quality and feature of the dividers.  Here is a comprehensive comparison of the features and specification of a different room divider.


Specifications and Features of Room Dividers


Shoji Style


Shoji is the Japanese style of room dividers.  It is one of the most popular types of room dividers UK.  They are less expensive, solid, and portable and made from lightweight materials.  The material of the shoji screen also allows the light to pass through and they decrease the glare.  The frame of the least expensive shoji screens is mostly painted with black shading.  But they are also available in other pantone shadings such as gold, green, blue, purple, and pink and red.  Shoji Screen is offered in single sided and double sided.  The single sided is the most common type and the double sided is mostly used for decorative purposes.


Plant Woven Fibre


Plant Woven Fibre especially the Rattan Style is especially spun in order to create a rigid cord of fibre that will be used to manufacture a strong, durable and beautiful folding room dividers at a very affordable price.  The fibres of Room Dividers UK are mostly dyed in order to create more vibrant colours.  They are portable and have an opaque screen that prevents the light from passing through


Wooden Room Dividers

The Wooden Room dividers resemble the style of the classic room dividers UK.  It is created using a solid wood that grants a certain feel and look.  It is usually utilised as a partition for office space and is dyed with the classic black or white paint.  There is also more contemporary look with walnut brown, natural pine, cherry rosewood and honey oak.  Based on the study, the solid colour of this folding screen makes it perfect for the office of accountants, lawyers, counsellors and financial planners as it can establish their integrity and reliability.  Some Wooden Dividers also comes with an adjustable light so you are in a total control when it comes to the level of light inside your room.


Printed Room Dividers UK


There are a lot of types of Printed Room Dividers; most of them are for decorative purposes.  They are lightweight, portable and fully customisable.  Customers are allowed to print any personal image from the front and the rear panels of the room divider.


Room Dividers UK offers a wide collection of room divider that is perfect for creating a partition, decorative purposes and building a private space for you.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 16, 2016

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