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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Oriental Room Dividers creates a picture of peacefulness and serenity.  The majority of us are charmed in a quick paced urban way of life.  The oriental style helps us to return into a quite habitation allowing us to escape the ceaseless surge in our surrounding. Oriental Room Dividers UK can fulfil this objective in incomparable style by introducing congruity and parity.


Finding the Right Oriental Room Dividers


The core of the Oriental room Dividers is a blend of design from different Asian nations such as Chinese, Japanese and including the exotic styles of India.  However, most of its influences can be traced on the culture of the countries located in the Far East.  Here are some of your options when finding the perfect Oriental Room Dividers UK that is perfect for your house.




The Shoji or Japanese Room Dividers ranges from 3-4 dividing panels.  And it is one of the most favourite Oriental Room Dividers UK.  The dividers that are available in the UK market are supplied by the Asian suppliers.  It offers an elegant design that depicts the culture of Japan during the old civilisation.  Most of them incorporate the vibrant hues of nature and awe-inspiring that will definitely accentuate the vibe in your house.  It often includes a comforting backdrop that will provide a relaxing and calming ambiance.




The Chinese Room Dividers are usually printed with high resistance against fading and water.  The ink used in the Chinese Room Dividers UK also has a high point of saturation to make the design durable.  The frames of the panels are created using high-quality spruce wood, and the canvas offers a very detailed artwork that depicts the oriental culture of China.  Most of the time the Chinese dividers are available in a more extensive panels compared to the Shoji. 


The most popular Printed Chinese Room Dividers are mostly depicting a certain dynasty such as the Qing Ming, landscape, nature and figures.  There are also more expensive Chinese Room Dividers UK such as the rosewood, the carved dividers and the curio cabinets that do not just simply works as a divider but can also serve as a storage space.


Vintage Oriental


The Vintage Oriental Room Dividers are perfect for people who are looking for a minimalistic type of oriental room dividers UK.  The designs and layout are kept at a minimum level to avoid it from overpowering the design of the room.  Most of the Vintage dividers have a soft tone or dark colours.  It is also hand-painted and weighs considerably heavier compared to the printed room dividers.  The woods have been cured in order to resemble an old style of the cultures in the Far East.


So in case you want a place that will take you away from the noise of the urban jungle, using oriental-style room dividers will definitely be suitable.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 24, 2016

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