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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Portable Room dividers are often used to create a room partition nowadays instead of going to the tedious and stressful approach of using the traditional room divider.  They are used in the children’s room, office, living room and just about any large room that we want to transform in order to make it more dramatic.  Unfortunately, the room dividers UK that are usually offered in the market are often expensive.  On the off chance that you are searching for a less expensive ways on how to separate rooms, here are room dividers that are under the £100 mark.


Top Room Dividers that are below £100


Ikea Curtains-£30


Using curtain as room dividers is the most convenient and affordable ways to create room partition.  The curtains that are being sold in Ikea allow you to hang the thing piece of cloth in the ceiling and create your own private area.  They are also available in 30 different styles and colours.  It is also the ideal way to create a room partition while still allowing a small portion of light to pass through.


Beaded Curtains £32-£80


The cost of the beaded curtain highly depends on the style and the materials used in order to create beaded room dividers UK.  It will be difficult for you to find a descent beaded curtain as most of them are done in a very tacky way.  One recommended beaded curtain would be the one with a metal-ball chain that is perfect for the contemporary design of your house.


Shinto Screen-£99


Shinto Screen dividers are types of Japanese room dividers that are made from bamboo (sometimes wood) and rice papers.  The frames made from bamboo are carefully framed and designed to create a sturdy room divider.  Remember that this £99 Shoji Screen is only plain, those Japanese room dividers UK with an intricate painting that reflects the Japanese culture are a bit expensive.


Buodoir Screen-£80


The panels that were used in creating the Buodoir screen dividers are made up of cotton.  The black frames that support the panels are metallic materials.  It is available in different theme and styles and one of the least expensive types of folding room dividers.


DIY Room Dividers-£94


There are a lot of stores that are offering plain room dividers UK.  They will provide you a blank canvass of room dividers where you can paint and personalise.  You may cover it with different fabric or pin your memorable pictures to customise the design of the room divider.


When searching room dividers that you will use either to create a partition or transform your room, make sure to consider these types of room dividers UK. They offer the same function but not the hefty tag price.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 05, 2016

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