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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Homes today often feature open spaces. And with the elimination of walls, small homes turn into spacious residences. But open spaces can bring problems. Homeowners find it hard to define areas in open spaces. One way to solve the problem is to place rugs. However, there are instances in which placing a rug doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t provide the sense of privacy that one desires. It is during these instances in which you can use room dividers. Below are some of the room divider ideas for different parts of the home.


Room Dividers for the Foyer


Most open space layouts don’t have a foyer. When you walk through the front door, you go straight into the living room. While there are people who love that idea, there are some who prefer to have a transition area. The foyer is where you place keys, coats, and other stuff before going inside the home. It serves as a barrier that will not allow just anyone to view the interior of your home while standing at the front door. Room dividers can be the barrier that can stop people from viewing your home. They can be used to create foyer areas. 


Room Dividers for Living and Dining Areas


Room dividers can also be used to separate the living and dining areas. One type of room dividers UK that you can use is a shelf unit. You can leave the sides open so that you can still get through the divider. The shelves can be used to place décor that can be seen from both sides.


Another room divider idea is to use built-in cabinet and post unit. It serves as a sideboard for the dining side, and a bookshelf on the opposite side. It not only defines space but only serves a purpose. This is ideal for small homes that require more storage spaces.


Another way to separate the living and dining areas is with curtain room dividers. When done right, it can add style to your home. For modern homes, a chain panel will do the trick. It is also perfect for a studio with an industrial design.


Room Dividers for the Bedroom


For the bedroom, a fabric divider is recommended to be used. You can use panels that match the colour of the wall and distinguished only by the different coloured trim. Panels can wrap around the bed to provide privacy in an otherwise open space layout. Fabric room dividers are hung with the use of a ceiling track, which can provide a completely or partially secluded sleeping area depending on how far they are pulled. A slat wall design can also separate the bedroom from the rest of the small apartment. The slats can be angled so that the bed is obscured from the living room area.


These are just some of the ways that room dividers can be used in an open layout. While the types of dividers were recommended for different areas of the home, you can use them in any room. You can also mix and match them to create a fresh divider design.


Written by Lisa Williams — June 12, 2016

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