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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers help create new spaces, utilise existing spaces by redesigning them or create unique aesthetics within a previously less interesting space in your home or office. You can use bookcases, partial walls, sculptures, wooden panels, rope displays, curtains, and more as room dividers, and many of these items are available for sale by the experts at Room Dividers UK.

1. Save space with room dividers: Save space inside your home or office by incorporating bookshelves as a room divider. This way you can stack books, personal items, trinkets, or even canned food up high where it is not in the way along counters, the floor or other spaces that could be used in new ways. Furthermore, you could use a low shelf on a room divider as a desk or even add a fold-up desk to it so that you can store it away when you do not need it anymore. At Room Dividers UK, we offer a range of exciting shelving options such as the Ming Bookshelf or the very popular and modern takes on a shelving unit, the Decorative Shelving Room Divider or the Chinese Circular Display Shelf. Each of these can divide a space without closing off the space because they are open and transparent versions of room dividers.

2. Add interest to an existing space with an exciting room divider: If you are bored of an old space, want to spruce it up with a bit of colour, or need to add character to a room without re-painting or completely re-decorating, then consider a divider from Room Dividers UK in a category such as ‘Rustic’ or ‘Art Print’. All of the dividers in these categories feature essences of the great outdoors, cityscapes, an artist’s studio, and more exciting locations. Bring these locations into your home with just one simple divider. You can even use it in a decorative sense rather than to purposely divide a room, for example you can place it in a corner, along a wall, or as a backdrop to your television, shelving unit or couch. This adds flare to the room without investing time or money in new paint, new artwork or new furniture. You can choose a theme for your room based on material or style at Room Dividers UK, and this theme will reverberate throughout any space without having to completely redo everything else that is in there. The best way to do this is to incorporate an exciting looking divider into a simple or solid-coloured room.

3. Create new spaces with room dividers: This is the most classic use for a room divider and may be the most obvious, but we often overlook its importance and power within a space. Especially if you live in a small apartment or have an unusually large room, then a room divider can redefine the space to give it more meaning. For example, in a small apartment you can hang curtains or post up a solid, opaque and sturdy room divider to create not just a living room but both a living and dining room or suddenly a living and bedroom.

Room dividers UK have the largest selection of room dividers offered anywhere in the UK and they also offer free shipping to mainland UK.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 15, 2014

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