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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

What are Room Dividers?

Room Dividers are screens that have the purpose of dividing the room into separate places. They have been around for centuries, and that is not without a reason. First room dividers appeared in China during the 7th century, and they were predominantly used by royalty. Unlike dividers we have today, Chinese dividers were heavy and not suitable for moving around. Japan came up with lighter dividers in the 8th century, and they were used for tea ceremonies and other special events. Europeans have taken over this tradition, and nowadays room dividers are used in almost all hospitals, schools, corporate offices and restaurants.

There are many uses of room dividers – in addition to its room separating role. They have an aesthetic appeal and add character to rooms; they serve as objects, which hide unattractive areas, and so on. Materials used for making room dividers are numerous and range from fabric, paper, wood, plexiglass, metal, cotton canvas and even mirrors.

Uses of Room Dividers

Besides dividing the room, room dividers have multiple other uses in residential houses and public places. For instance, they are used for adding privacy, hiding messy areas, increasing storage, redirecting foot traffic, adding colour and so on. The most common type of room dividers used for these purposes are so-called shoji screens. They usually consist of three folding parts and originate from Japan. They are light and can be moved around easily.

Benefits of Room Dividers

Regardless if you are an office manager, a homemaker, or a hospital equipment provider, you will find that when equipping the designated space, room dividers will always come in handy. The benefits of having a divider are numerous, with the most distinguished being that is gives you the possibility of organising any room. Dividers are also very useful when you want to isolate an area of the room, which is great if you, for instance, live in a one-room apartment. A room divider can help you transform your flat into a kitchen, an eating area, or a bedroom. Unlike divider walls, which cannot be moved once they are put in place, room dividers UK give you the freedom of trying out several room divisions until you find a solution that satisfies you. If you have no purpose for a divider at the present time, you can store it in your closet.

Furthermore, when opting for a room divider, you can choose from a myriad of colours, designs, materials and shapes to suit your taste. If you end up not linking what you bought, you can repaint it or decorate it. The possibilities are truly endless, so do not hesitate, you can't go wrong with a room divider so have a browse through the selection that Room Dividers UK have to offer.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 01, 2015

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