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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you find yourself with access to large rooms you feel that you can divide into smaller partitions for more efficient use of the floor space; room dividers are the best option. These structures can be used to partition rooms and carve out spaces temporarily and at affordable rates. The wide variety available means that customers can find great designs best suited to the application they have in mind. The use of room dividers has been around for years with Japanese style shoji screens being a mainstay in many buildings in Japan. Below we will look at some of the main factors to consider when it comes to buying the right room dividers UK for your intended application.


Room dividers come in a wide price range depending on the style, and materials used. When you decide to purchase these structures you will have to take time and keenly consider the affordable choice as dictated by the available budget. For instance, light Japanese shoji screens usually cost less than fabric and even wooden room dividers. However don’t be alarmed, with the available variety you are bound to find an affordable option at your budget.


Room dividers are used for different applications and, therefore, come in different sizes. For instance, if you are looking for a way to separate a space but privacy is not ranked highly, then a low height room divider is suitable. However, if you are looking to completely block out a space using a room divider, then it is recommended that you look the highest one you can find. Room dividers also come in different lengths depending on the buyer’s needs. Since they are made of separate panels connected by hinges, they can even corner and form two walls for a partition.


When you are looking to divide up a lager room, then style has to be considered. The best room dividers should complement the style of the room they are used in. This is completely achievable given the variety of designs and styles available. Wooden room dividers are great for providing more privacy while Japanese shoji screens are usually decorated with appealing designs for the best decorative effect. Shatter style room divers are another distinct design, which can be used to totally block out a space when the shatters are closed or open it up when they are open.

Room Dividers UK is proud to be the only company specialising solely in the sale of room dividers. We offer a variety of traditional, oriental and contemporary structures for the best functional and decorative effect. Since we understand that a room divider can be used in a variety of applications we sell structures suited to commercial and residential purposes as well. Browse through our website to learn more.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 10, 2015

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