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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Shopping for room dividers UK is one thing that should be given careful thought, especially because of the overwhelming alternatives available in the marketplace. Some people might think this is a straightforward process. You go online, search for room dividers, and pick the first one you see or the cheapest option available. In reality, however, to be provided with the best value for money and to find one to perfectly complement the room where it will be placed, there is a need to carefully evaluate the choices available, especially based on the materials used. The latter will have an impact not only on price, but also on the quality, functionality, durability, and aesthetics of the room dividers.


This is the perfect material if you would like to achieve a native look for the room where the room dividers UK will be placed. More than the intricate design and the exotic appeal of this type of divider, it also holds the benefit of being lightweight. This means it is easy to move around when you need to transfer it. This can be used outdoors during the summer months and indoors when it is already cold outside.


Often available in printed form when used for room dividers, this is going to be perfect if you want to add a creative flare to any room. More often than not, the designs on canvas will include printed classical art. However, if you have artistic skills, you can have the canvas painted on your own based on the design you like or what is perfect for the room.

Faux Leather

If you are looking for room dividers UK with a professional touch, faux leather is going to be an excellent material. The formal colour and texture of this material makes it an ideal choice for office dividers. For living rooms, this can add depth and drama to a big space. If you want to make it look less formal, there are also lighter and brighter colours, such as burgundy and green. Since the leather is not genuine, it can be a very affordable option.


This material for room dividers is often built with wooden frames on the side. There are also different options, such as in the case of fogged glass and frosted glass, among others. This, however, is not recommended if the divider is stationary as it needs a more stable place to prevent the risk of breakage.

Rice Paper

Many of the traditional room dividers make use of rice paper, which is demonstrative of supreme craftsmanship. Also called Japanese shoji screens, these are good for allowing light to pass through while also being able to offer a bit of privacy. The paper can be plain, or they can have attractive designs, depending on what best fits the room.

Whatever style of room divider you wish to buy, room dividers uk will surely have what you are looking for.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 16, 2015

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