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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

A large space can be cosier by simply dividing them into smaller room using room dividers, but this is only one approach on how you can incorporate dividers in home design.  There are different screen dividers that will suit the décor of your home, and there are also various types that will address the diverse functions at home.  Regardless if you prefer built-in, semi-permanent, free-standing or portable type, consider adding screen dividers to your next house decoration project.

White Room Divider 

Designing the Shared Children’s Room with Room Divider

When your kids are sharing room, they still prefer to have their private space and using room divider can greatly help.  The area of their room will help in determining the size and type of divider that you will use.  Divider that comes with drawers can be used to divide small rooms.  Simply place the divider at the middle of the twin bed.  You can also use decorative curtains to separate the area.  Be sure to use a curtain rod that is attached at the ceiling.  If you just want to divide the area but you don’t want to have that ‘boxed-in’ look a knee-height divider will be suitable.

 Black Wooden Room Divider

Studio Apartment

Studio-type apartments are normally designed as a single open space for sleeping, dining and living area. In this case, room dividers can be used to create room partition.    Using a free-standing divider with open-shelves will help in separating rooms.  It can also be used as an extra storage space or display area while keeping your room airy and open.  A suspended screen divider is also a great way to divide the rooms on your studio apartment.  You can add your artwork on the panels of the screen divider to improve its aesthetic appeal.  Sliding divider can also be an appropriate solution in dividing the space of your studio apartment.


Using Headboards

The panelled-type room dividers can be utilised as a headboard.  It will serve as a cost-effective focal point which you can replace easily when you are redesigning your house.    Free-standing screen dividers can be placed behind the bed that will add texture, colour, and glamour to the space.  You can easily adjust the width of the headboard by folding the panels of the divider until you achieved your desired width.  If you want to create that permanent look, you can secure the divider into the wall by using finishing nails or wood glue.  Carved and ornamental type will provide that elegant, stately style while the fabric panels will create a casual and soft ambiance.

 room divider headboard

If you want a space to have a limited privacy, translucent portable room divider will help you achieve the result that you want.  Mirrored divider is recommended if you want to make a small room appear larger. These are just some ways on how you can use room dividers on your home decoration.  They are the elegant and classy approach to divide a large space.  They are flexible and inexpensive which makes them a suitable item for your decoration.


Written by Lisa Williams — June 05, 2017

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