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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

When it comes to partitioning broad spaces, room dividers are the first choice for most. These fittings usually offer mobility and a host of other benefits making them a chosen favourite. When shopping for room dividers, you must ensure that they are not only affordable and appealing but also highly functional. The structures must be suited to the intended purpose so as to provide any value. It is important to note that these structures are popularly used in commercial applications. This is as a result of the associated benefits including affordability. You will find that the type and design used in such applications usually differ from those used at home.

Commercial Applications

Commercial applications for room dividers include use in schools and offices. Dividing up rooms and spaces in these places requires functional and durable room dividers. The main uses in offices include partitioning conference areas as well as offices from a wide space. These structures are used in schools to set apart study areas and even partition gymnasiums for various purposes. With these uses in mind, it is important to note that you will have to keenly assess the main requirements so as to purchase the most suitable structures from the wide variety available.


When it comes to commercial applications as described above, the appropriate room dividers have some distinct design characteristics suited to the intended applications. Room dividers to be used in partitioning office spaces need to be solid and thick to ensure that workers have a private space to work in comfortably and free from distractions. These tend to be much heavier than some of the lighter options around. In a school situation, room dividers should have sound proofing capabilities as well as be made of a material, which allows for easy pinning of papers and notices where necessary. Note that decorative surfaces are not suited to such applications.


The size of a room divider is always determined by the size of the space to be partitioned. This size can be used to mean the size of the panels making up the room dividers. In an office situation, large single panels can be used to partition the space effectively; however, a room divider with a number of connected panels is suited to setting apart conference room spaces in an open office. In a school situation, the size of the room dividers will be determined by the intended use of the structures.

Room dividers are an affordable and highly versatile means of partitioning wide spaces. Schools and offices usually have a variety of needs when it comes to partitioning spaces as documented above. Use this guide to help you identify the best type, design and size of structures to match your exact commercial needs.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 16, 2015

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