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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

A tranquil life, full of flair is what everyone wishes for. That’s because it brings out the best in us, calms our senses and even soothes our soul. Decorating your home using a room divider to enhance the Asian feel of your décor is no different. It adds tranquillity and stylishness to your entire home [and life]. Shoji screen room dividers make your interiors stand out while adding a lasting Asian feel to your décor. All you need is pick a style that suits your décor, and voila!

It’s imperative to single out a style of room divider that will match your Asian-inspired décor. It not only enhances the looks but also adds uniqueness to it. For instance, if you are after a Zen-like feel, choose a style that’s simple, minimalistic yet bold enough not to be mistaken. Room Dividers UK based services can help you choose a perfect, decorative style for your Asian décor. They boast a wide range of simple Shoji screens. An Asian inspired room divider looks great in many places:

#1: Up against the Wall

There’s no finer way to use an Asian style room divider as a focal point than standing it up against the wall, particularly if your home has a long wall. It breaks up the wall giving it an eye-catching look. You may want to add something in front of the room divider such big plants if you plan to use the space as a little conversation area or better, get a Cherry Tree Shoji Screen.

#2: In a Bare Corner

To add interest in a bare, squared off corner, use folding oriental room dividers or screens. You’ll be amazed at how the entire room transforms. You’ll have a beautiful looking room that’s not all squared off. Best of all, space behind the room divider can act as a storage area.

#3: In [Your] Bedroom

So you don’t have an attractive headboard. Don’t whine about it get an Asian style room divider instead and make your bed a focal point. If you are decorating your entire bedroom, a room divider will come in handy, as long as you use it while flat [not folded] and slide it right behind the bed. It’ll give your bedroom an attractive look.

#4: In the Living Room

According to Room Dividers UK based services, you can create a room within a room using a room divider. If, for instance, you have a long living room you can make it into two separate areas by plunking the room divider right in the middle to section it off. So if you lack a dining area, get a room divider and create one. Be creative while at it. It’s the least you can do to spice up your Asian-inspired home décor.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 03, 2015

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