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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you're looking for a room divider for your home, apartment or office, you'll find that there are a wide range of options, made of different materials and imbued with various aesthetics. The great thing about the sheer variety of room dividers is that you can be certain that there will be products that suit your space and personal style. For people who are looking for a divider that possesses a natural and light elegance, you can consider shoji room dividers.

These Room Dividers are Lovely

This type of room divider generally makes use of a combination of wood and paper. In fact, the paper used is usually shoji rice paper, which is where the design gets its name. This leads to room dividers, which have a certain kind of beauty to them. The frame and slats, which are made of wood can have a shade or colour that ranges from light to dark. Some of the grain, pattern or texture of the wood may also be visible. And the paper itself also offers some interesting texture to be appreciated by the viewer. The resulting looks feel harmonious and peaceful and are a great addition to any space.

These Room Dividers Can Be Further Customised

Shoji room dividers don't need to be limited simply to the geometric design of the wood and the paper. That in itself already looks good, but another great thing is that further imagery, illustration and patterns can be added on top of these room dividers. UK stores, for example, may feature versions, which have a single lovely cherry tree printed onto the paper. Or the design may feature images of mountains, temples, other black and white illustrations, colour patterns and much more, usually with a certain kind of Asian flair.

These Room Dividers Are Very Flexible

Another great thing about shoji room dividers is that they are actually rather easy to use, especially in smaller spaces but also in larger rooms. One reason for this is the fact that the combination of wood and rice tends to make these dividers very light. They are fairly easy to fold, pick up and reposition. This is something that even one person can do without breaking a sweat. Because of this lightness, shoji room dividers are a very flexible addition to any property. They are easy to transfer to a different room if some additional privacy is needed there. It's also not hard to bring it to a new apartment when transferring. In a way, this could be considered a very user-friendly room divider. In addition, shoji room dividers also offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to making a space more private while still keeping things from getting too dark. This is because the paper does allow some light and shadow to go through. Instead of having a massive, opaque divider which blocks out all light, the shoji version keeps things much more airy and bright.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 19, 2015

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