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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Home and office décor can be very expensive.  So, you may be limited to if you can paint the walls of your home, which makes it hard to decorate a room at times. Room dividers can be used for more than just dividing a room. Here are a few innovative ways to use room dividers in your home.

 3 Panel Room Divider

  1. Imply the Separation of Space Without Closing the Spaces.

Separating different living spaces can both make it look there is more room or less room than there really is. This will depend on how the space is divided. A room divider can divide living spaces without making them look smaller because you can have the room divider mostly folded and the sight lines are still in the rooms. The room divider shows where the rooms end but does not close them off.


  1. Take Back Dead Space

Dead space is wasted space, and you may not have the space to waste. A room divider can add interest to these areas of dead space in a room. This can help also move the eye around the room, which makes the room look bigger.


  1. Add Pattern and Print to a Room

Adding patterns and prints to a room can be a challenge at times. Pillows and artwork are the most common ways of adding patterns to a room. Room dividers are also great options to add a large amount of pattern to a room. Many times, a room divider is more affordable than a huge piece of artwork, and it does not require you to make holes in your walls.

 4 Panel Room Dividers

  1. Use One as a Headboard

Headboards can be very expensive and extremely bulky. Instead of taking up room, you can easily use a room divider as a headboard. A room divider can be completely unfolded and placed at the head of your bed. This can save you money and creates a unique headboard for your bed.


  1. Create a Transparent Division

There are many shelving room dividers that create a transparent division between rooms. This can help improve the amount of storage that your room has while keeping the sight lines of the room. There are other room dividers that have thin materials or wooden dowels that can also help keep the sight lines of the room.


  1. Portable Accent Wall

Living in an apartment or renting a home means that you may not have the ability to paint a wall or hang items on the wall. Room dividers are a great option because they are not permanent and come in many colours and patterns. You can move the room divider around the room, and even switch it out regularly to match the season or your room’s décor.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Room dividers come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. This makes it easy for you to find a room divider that matches your décor and that works for your decorating plans. They can eliminate the need to paint your walls or put holes in them for artwork.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 25, 2017

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