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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are very common among many homes, big or small. Used for various reasons in different areas of a residence, there are many purposes of room dividers UK rather than just literally dividing a room. Especially for smaller apartments and rooms, room dividers are great as this can define space in the area. For example, you can place room dividers to separate your kitchen from the dining area and the living area. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to actually build a structure or a wall just to divide these spaces as room dividers will do the job perfectly.

Book Shelves as Room Dividers

If you’re just so used to room dividers UK being those with separate panels and can actually do nothing else than just divide space, you will appreciate how book shelves could actually function as room dividers. There are different types of book shelves and among the most common are ones with levels and a cover at the back or those without a cover. Those with a back cover would be a great room divider if you want to conceal what’s behind it. Perhaps, you can place a book shelf not to close to the wall and right behind it, you can have your coat hangers or shoe racks. Book shelves without back covers would also be great if you simply just want to divide a room. You can place a book shelf to separate your living area from your dining area while still having a view of what’s on the other side.

Now, book shelves don’t necessarily need to contain books at all times. Especially when used as room dividers, you can place picture frames, vases, toys, speakers and a whole lot more on your book shelf to make most of it. You can have a few of these in your home to divide common areas and even to define space in your bedroom.

Room Dividers UK as Home Décor or Accents

There are room dividers that come in various materials and colours. Room Dividers UK actually offers several styles of room dividers that come in bamboo, canvas, rice paper, wood or natural fibre materials. You can choose from 4, 5, 6 or 7-foot tall room dividers with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9 panels. While there are those that come in common and simple designs, you can also choose ones with art prints that would instantly give a dash of colour and beauty to your home. Room dividers can be multi-functional in so many ways. Use it for its common function, which is to define space, use it for storage or have room dividers to add beauty to your home.

Written by Lisa Williams — September 03, 2015

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