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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

There are several reasons that prompt home owners and even business premises administrators to use room dividers. The most common reason is to create more functional space in a given room. Bearing in mind that they are not permanent and are light in weight, it is possible for your young children or pets in the house to knock them down when playing or when just walking around in the house. The falling dividers can cause serious injuries, and great care should be taken when placing them in a room.

The best way to ensure that your room dividers are secure is to fix them on the walls and even on the floor. To do this, you will only need your preferable room divider, hinges, stud finder where necessary and a drill. Here is a simple guide:-

Step One

Examine your room dividers, the wall and the floor on which you want to fix it. This will enable you to know the number of hinges and brackets that you will require for that purpose. By using a tape measure or any other convenient measuring tool at your disposal, measure out where the hinges will be attached on the dividers. The spacing between the hinges should be even.

Step Two

If your wall has studs, use a stud finder to locate the exact location of the studs especially along the area that you want to fix your room dividers UK. Once you locate a stud make sure that you mark the edges using a pencil. Using a pencil is recommended as it leaves no permanent marks on your wall.

Step Three

Identify the studs that match with the hinge measurements that you previously made on the divider. Use a tape measure to precisely identify this and mark the various spots in the stud area using a pencil.

Step Four

Using your drill, screw one side of each hinge into the wall markings that you have just made in step three above.

Step Five

Starting with the top hinge, place your room dividers against the opposite end of the hinge and screw it in the divider using your drill. Make sure to distribute the weight of your divider evenly by alternating the screwing process to prevent damage on your divider as well as to ensure neat alignment of the divider on the wall.

Step Six

You can now test your room dividers UK to tell whether it is well secured on the wall. This can be easily done by gently moving the dividers back and forth.

Step Seven

In case you fill that your room dividers need to be more secure, you can screw brackets on the bottom of the divider and fix it into the floor. By evenly spacing the floor brackets as you did with the hinges, you will ensure that your room dividers UK is stable enough.

Written by Lisa Williams — October 13, 2015

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