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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Furnishing can either be taken as a statement of fashion or as a definitive room space art. Many people, however are in love with personalisation and custom designs, and this is an allowable indulgence across the country. Room dividers can be crafted from a variety of materials and components with the following outcomes;

Bamboo Room Dividers

Room dividers made from bamboo can be such a colourful masterpiece that will sit well on your living space, hall or office. Bamboo styled designs can be on three or four bamboo panels and a wooden frame with two-way hinges. This means that they can fold either way and provide room for light rays or better seat space for more people.

Bamboo can also be styled with other intricate art forms that meet your fancy as seen on Room Dividers UK product summaries.

Canvas Room Dividers

Canvas room dividers are statements of art and they can be an added-value feature in your office or living space with therapeutic effects. The lush art work that is spread across the surface can help you relax after another stressful work day. Its dual role means that. It can be a tasteful partition in your room and be carefully folded away for storage when not in use.

Canvas room dividers can be on four or three panels and fitted with flexible hinges that swing both ways.

Wood Room Dividers

Wood room dividers are the traditional designs known to most people and they come with a finish of varying levels of thickness and slant. Modern forms have evolved with combinations of fibre, canvas and rice paper. Different designs and art works can be the imprint of any finish and they stand out in any living space as an attractive add-on. They can be fitted with hinges to make folding and storage easy.

Rice Paper Room Dividers

Rice paper evolved from East Asia and is used as a generic term for material made from various plant sources. They are flexible and attractive to creative hands, who find them malleable and versatile in many outcomes.

When used in room divider designs, they are lightweight, flexible and easy to fold away. The aesthetic value means they can complement any space with such remarkable visual appeal.

Natural Fibre Room Dividers

Natural fibre combines well with the other variants of material when designing a room divider. When used alone, they can add an eccentric touch of privacy and class appeal to the office or living space.

They can be hand woven as many ancient influences depict in contrasting colours or hue. As lightweight as they can be, they are easy to fold away and transported with comfortable ease.

Written by Lisa Williams — October 31, 2015

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