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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

When considering your choice of Room Dividers, some factors to consider will include the purpose you intend to put them, where they will be placed and if they are meant to be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. These are all important in order to have the best choice for the purpose intended.


What you intend to use your room dividers for, will determine the type you buy, and this is of utmost consideration. Room Dividers meant for the office space, might be required to either be conservative or selectively artistic. Either way, the kind of office where it will be used, will also be a major factor to look at.

For example, some audacious canvas designs seen on Room Dividers UK displays will be better suited for a sauna, massage parlour or informal settings. But on the other hand, if they are to be used for an academic office; some measure of temperance will be expected.


Placement is also a major determinant of the kind of room dividers that you need to buy. At convention halls and venues, there might be a mix of portable and permanent room dividers that need to be used.

At some point, portable alternatives will be needed to serve specific purposes like, serve as a reception barrier or traffic barrier. On the other side, others of permanent designs might be more suited in areas that serve as free spaces and emergency exits.


Temporary and Permanent room dividers have different designs, and this is intended to suit the purpose of their use. While temporary designs will have hinges and easy to be folded, permanent ones are locked in and meant to be riveted to the spots they are placed. Permanent room dividers can be seen in restaurants or bars, where they serve as a stand for drinks and drinking accessories. They are not moveable, and they are made from durable materials.

Temporary room dividers can be seen in their portable design formats, and they can serve as a reception stand, or privacy tool, so that people are not able to go beyond specific points in a room, hall or office. When they are in place, the foreground can easily be accessible while the background will be cut off from easy access.

The use of hinges on temporary room dividers, make it easy for them to be folded and stored when no longer needed and brought back to use when required to fulfil any specific function. The array of designs on canvas room dividers show that they can be put to a variety of uses depending on occasion and setting.

Written by Lisa Williams — November 11, 2015

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