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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

When choosing a perfect room divider for your house, you will be overwhelmed with the various choices of size, colours and styles available in the market. It is important to know the different types of room dividers so you will have an idea of what room dividers UK will match the design of your house.

Room dividers UK is widely use based on their function and as a decorative purpose. People are using it to create a private place on their dorm or just a way to handle the extreme light. They can also be used as a window shade, to define a particular space in the room or to hide an area in the house.

When choosing the style and design of the room dividers, you should base it on the design of your room. It is also essential to note that most of the room dividers UK are imported from Asian countries. These room dividers have been crafted based on the old tradition of furniture making. It is also important to consider the height of the room divider that you may need and the number of panels that you want. Room dividers can also be made from rice paper that allows the light to pass through and the solid panels which is usually crafted from wood, canvas, woven fibre, lacquer and faux leather.

Ask yourself, do you want something that will enhance the beauty or your room or you only want to serve its main purpose? Here are some of the types of room dividers that may help you when choosing room dividers.

Shoji screen dividers.
Shoji Screen Dividers also known as the Japanese style dividers is the most popular divider in the market. They are usually made up of rice paper, which let the sunshine in. They are light, sturdy and cost lesser than the other room dividers.

Ratan Style
The rattan room dividers are usually made up of plant fibres. Their wood frames are durable and inexpensive. The plant fibres are usually dyed in different colours to make it look more vibrant. They are mostly opaque and they block the light from entering the room. The panels, which are made of fibres are sturdy and will not be easily damaged.

Shutter style
The shutter style room divider is generally similar to window shutter. They are basically crafted with wood and are commonly used as an office room divider due to their elegant look. The blinds of the shutter style are also adjustable that you can block the light or let it in.

There are different types of printed room dividers UK. Folding screen style is decorated with an art on both the interior and exterior part. There is also a huge selection of art prints that you can choose from. Others preferred a blank slate where they can be creative. They can use acrylic, oil painting, decoupage or even an ink jet printing.

There are more than 1,500 unique types of room dividers UK. With a huge selection of room dividers available, there is definitely one perfect for your house.

Written by Lisa Williams — November 11, 2015

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