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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers are commonly used across cultures and continents of the world for many purposes including their aesthetic effects. There are different materials used for making furnishings of this kind and they include:


Wood is the commonest material that is used for making room dividers, and they are traditional to some designs and complementary to others. Room dividers can assume the shape of a plain board with vertical or horizontal outlines that accentuate the impression that the maker intends to portray. Wood can be used alone for specific designs or added to other materials to complete the intended outcome.

Different kinds of wood are available, and they can be hardwood or the soft type, depending on the room divider designs, shape or form. Portable room dividers made from soft wood are light and easily folded while permanent room dividers are made from hardwood and used in different spaces as might be required.


Room dividers are also made from fibre, and these are normally light weight and easily movable to suit peculiar needs. You see these types of designs at massage parlours, office reception points, amongst others. They are also used for a variety of purposes, and this can be seen in the places that they are deployed to when needed.


There are room dividers made with glass and often they are completed with portions of wood to serve as the panels and to make handing easy. The use of wood makes it easy to handle this type of room dividers, and the fragility is a bit obviated with this design. Some of these designs can be seen at art studios, offices and display centres, where they add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the background.

Depending on the design type, some room dividers made with glass materials can also serve as partitions even if in the short –term and they can help lighten up your living or office space if well presented. Light backgrounds normally have better contrast with a darkened hue on a room divider while a dark background will reflect well with a lightened hue on room dividers.

Iron and Metals

The range of designs seen on room dividers UK displays are expanded by metal backgrounds, which can include combinations of wood and glass as the case may be. Different forms of metals can be used with scraps, bits and portions made into exotic designs to suit the end game intended. The edges can be trimmed with iron casing or glazed with bronze, gold dust or silver trimmings. There is no limit to the designs that can be explored with room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 04, 2016

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