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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers are a contemporary component of home and office interior décor with a variety of uses and application. Apart from serving as a means for room partitioning, room dividers also serve a variety of other purposes that many home owners and office space planners are readily taking advantage of across the globe.

Styling Safeguards

• Room dividers prove to be the perfect interior décor match when they align holistically with the decorating theme of any space as well as the colour and style
• They should not be allowed to stick out like a sore thumb when they fail to blend with the décor in nay space they are meant to fill. This will result from poor decisions and planning but can be completely avoided by paying attention to blending.
• Take proper measurements of the space where they will be used so that an aesthetic match can be ensured.

The Edge

• A room divider or an appropriate folding screen is a useful means to arouse interest in any space perceived to be dull or drab.
• The truth about room dividers is that they do not necessarily have to actually divide any space instead they can serve as a useful accent.
• When placed right against a wall, they add a punch to the décor and hue if they are well decorated or developed like the canvas divider.
• Placed in a large space, they serve to create that illusion of separate cozy areas.

Explore and Explore

• The customisation possibilities of the modern day mean that people are experimenting with more materials when fabricating room dividers. The designs are more than a handful with folding screens, decorative panels and standalone features all available to be explored.
• Retro or contemporary style comes into the picture with bright colours that are adapted with outlying geometric shapes for full effect. They fit into living and dining rooms in any contemporary household.
• Asian styled patterns are perfectly replicated with folding screens, and Japanese styles of design are aesthetically appealing. Black lacquer standards featuring trees and other natural themes are also well received just like oriental feminine canvas forms. The rattan or bamboo plain styles complete the oriental accents, and if you want less aesthetics, you can go for this as well.
• The outright chic styles are also open to explore when you consider the beautiful scenes, floral designs or the fabric draped room divider to complete the overarching softness of a feminine outlook. The French style is also well received, and you can consider one with metal fittings and textured touch that provide a completely different yet alluring aura to elevate the attraction of your living space.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 18, 2016

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